Counter Tipping & Tacos at Resident Taqueria

Resident Taqueria’s vibe is like some kind of Austin hipster scene where only hipsters with cool glasses should be allowed inside. Lake Highlands people are not exactly hipsters, so please try to be cool while standing in line. Maybe I’m totally wrong about this particular scene being hipster since I don’t completely understand hipsters. All I’m saying is Austin, hipster, and scene are the thoughts that immediately dominated my brain.

The owners are related to a famous person named St. Vincent. This superstar took a break from the world of being famous to work at Resident Taqueria on opening weekend. Who knew a super secret celebrity commoners call St. Vincent would work at a restaurant in Lake Highlands for at least one shift? This exciting rumor is believable without using Google to confirm.


There are outlets beneath the bar. There are outlets beneath the bar. There are outlets beneath the bar. This is an A+ idea causing excitement for miles. Before getting cozy, there are rules everyone on the internet needs to know. First, do not sit or save a seat before ordering. Do not even think about pre-sitting at the bar for a drink either. Do not even try it. Don’t. Refrain. Stop. Stand in line and order at the counter from a cashier. Now is the moment extra important information must be given. This information is so important a new paragraph needs to begin.


When it’s time to pay the employee resembling a cashier at the counter, a machine will face your face. At this time you will be placed in an awkward counter tipping position unless you are an overly confident person. The option to tip different percentages is conveniently shown on a screen. All you have to do is push the preferred button. An option to push a button giving the cashier a zero counter tip is available as well.

The big question about counter tipping is simple. Why should a tip be given to a cashier at the counter? Service hasn’t even happened yet. A tip is given to someone providing service after the service is complete. The service has to actually exist for a tip. It hasn’t happened at the time of counter ordering from a cashier. Why is the sadness of counter tipping misunderstood?


Beside this machine of complete and total tip terror is none other than the dreaded counter tipping tip jar. People using cash to pay aren’t getting away without passing the jar of unnecessary tipping destruction. Holy cow. Counter tipping is more painful than customers who wave menus, whistle, and snap. Waiting tables for years, as well as having worked in a restaurant kitchen means I’m all for service industry workers– but, counter tipping someone running the register— really? Counter tipping is like finger lickers and pen clickers. It simply needs to stop.


There is a fridge waiting for customers to grab a beer. The customer then opens the beer using a bottle opener located beside the cash register. If you order more than one beer, pay in advance and repeat the grab/bottle opener/open routine. A stranger quickly made a joke out of the above Corona purchase. I’m sorry cool craft beer guy. Some people don’t want to drink beer they don’t understand. Throw a beer bone, please. After pretending the customer sitting to the right was really not sitting to the right, I waited for the cook to hand over every single taco the wall-menu offered. Tacos are $3 each, minus the braised beef short rib taco for $4.

caul taco
caramelized cauliflower
kale, pepita, lemon epazote aioli
fish taco
fish taco
cabbage, radish, lime crema
mush taco
slow cooked mushroom
poblano, oaxaca cheese, almond salsa


On the up and up, the food will quickly wash memories of counter tipping away. There are three tacos people who do not eat meat can order. Sitting at the bar is the best idea since the cooks are preparing tacos nearby. Each taco has detailed plating beyond basic. I’m a fan for sure having been back to Resident Taqueria many times since they’ve been open. The tacos are small, but well worth your hard-earned $3.

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FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch


Resident Taqueria
9661 Audelia Road
Dallas, Texas 75238


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