Being Busy in Baking & Pastry Class

It’s really weird being so busy in baking & pastry class that taking pictures of progress is impossible sometimes. We were all supposed to go on this six week journey together, but I’m not doing my part posting daily updates of writing glory.

People are even unfollowing me on Instagram because they can’t depend on me to add pictures every single day of the year. Who unfollows Almost Veggies on Instagram? This is like a travesty to following Instagram accounts everywhere. Just because I’m busy baking doesn’t mean noticing the unfollow goes unnoticed. I’ve decided to forgive everyone involved and move on.

I went to the 6am baking & pastry class this morning since I’ll be at Baylor in one hour and a half finding out if the cancer cells trying to kill me have returned in an ongoing attempt to kill me. My doctor will most likely tell me cancer is still losing. Besides, my hair is almost past the dreaded mullet phase. It would be unfair to lose all of my hair again after passing the mullet phase of hair growth. Who gets almost past this kind of hair-fail only to start over again? It’s just not right.

I will not be working at my externship tonight. Instead, every piece of laundry haunting like Halloween will finally be properly folded and placed in some kind of drawer. Laundry is like the mail. It never ends. Being a housewife is sometimes scary all because of laundry. Some people think housewife life is watching soap operas while folding laundry before hitting the gym, but it doesn’t work that way. I’d rather feed every squirrel in the neighborhood than fold laundry or go to the gym. There’s nothing that can make folding laundry fun. Nothing. Come back later to read about my real-deal baking & pastry partner named… Joe.