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Clark Food & Wine Co. recently received some kind of important Tastemaker award from Culturemap. This news became breaking after snooping Clark’s website four minutes ago. The restaurant’s owner is hotshot Randall Warder from the Mansion on Turtle Creek, who also owns C’Viche next door.  Having had several consistently consistent experiences that were well above average across the board, this particular restaurant can easily be considered consistent. Almost Veggies is proud to announce Clark Food & Wine Co. has won the first ever Consistently Consistent award. Congratulations on winning another important award, along with a round of applause from the entire internet.

Word on the street claims Greenville Avenue is the place to be, especially after Clark Food & Wine Co. just won the prestigious Consistently Consistent award today. Eaters around town keep saying Greenville Avenue is the bomb over and over and over and over again. It seems like most Greenville Avenue visitors are young hipster-type people, minus the healthy gym crowd eating loads of kale at HG Supply Company. While still not being even 47% sure what hipster means, this is simply an inner feeling, so it must be true. Categorizing people is so rude. Please, refrain.


Maybe Greenville Avenue people are half-hipsters because the other side of the street looks like cool-pool-playing-tatted-up-fun-people. These cool-pool-playing-tatted-up-fun-people could have been waiting to cross the street though, so there’s no way to know for sure. Maybe the half-hipsters have money and it’s not a big deal that Clark’s is a little expensive. Being a total-hipster might mean wealth all over the place. Who knows? Google, that’s who.


Google is torn between whether hipsters are always rich. It seems most might begin their hipster journey almost poor, only to become wealthy before the end is near. After the intense research of hipsters a few minutes ago, it appears being a hipster is fun. And you have to do more than wear funky eye glasses and skinny jeans to be a real-deal hipster. It also seems as though hipsters are nice people who have a plan and don’t really care if others like their plan.


After a full-blown investigation, the man pictured above is none other than owner-executive chef Randall Warder. He does not have time for anyone taking secret pictures of him while he is busily working. We will never be facebook friends after pulling a stunt like this. Cost Control and Hospitality & Supervision classes both discuss exactly what this executive chef is doing while sitting at the corner table. He is most likely figuring out what food needs to be ordered, how to lower food costs, making schedules, being a superstar, thinking about being a five-star chef, etc… He has a lot more to do, so please do not take secret pictures of him. This is an invasion of his chef-privacy at the highest level.


crab roll
crab roll

Maybe we will be facebook friends after he reads the raves about his crab roll and how helpless this crab roll probably makes every customer feel. Yelp complainers cannot complain about the crab roll at Clark Food & Wine Co. Even though the crab roll isn’t a lobster roll, it is not a let down. This information actually proves that a crab roll can bring just as much joy as the attention-stealing lobster roll. Seriously, this crab roll is crazy great. Superior to any other crab roll in Dallas is what this crab roll is. The menu changes often, so internet people might be out of luck.

shrimp and grits

shrimp & grits
shrimp & grits

There is nothing wrong with the taste of the shrimp & grits. The downer is having a tiny arrival attached to a high price. It hurts to pay $16 for a plate this small. Shrimp & grits excitement dropped a notch after seeing the serving size. Yes, the crab roll was $16 as well. On the up and up, the taste of everything ordered over the past few months has been joyful. The best news ever is knowing there’s a parking lot across the street reserved for Clark and C’Viche customers– only! To have this luxury on Greenville Avenue is a parking spot gift.







FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Clark Food & Wine Co.
1920 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206


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