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The right side of the menu at C’Viche is really cheap. I actually cannot believe how cheap this restaurant is. Rich and poor people can dine here without one single problem. Rich people order from the left and poor people order from the right. It’s that simple.  Some people don’t know that this restaurant is owned by the same chef who owns Clark Food & Wine Company next door. His name is Randall Warder and he used to work at the Mansion on Turtle Creek as the sous chef for years. He apparently has loads of money now because he owns two restaurants on Greenville Avenue.

I hope he is rich because I keep hearing in culinary school that no one needs to 1) call themselves a chef and 2) expect to be rich the day after graduation. It takes time and lots of it. Chef Warder obviously paid his dues and more.

I’m all about helping poor people find places to eat, so please believe me when I tell you there is a way to leave C’Viche stuffed and not totally broke. You may have to skip the actual c’viche/crudo and specialties section of the menu, but hey, things could be worse. The rest of the menu is dollar dreamy.

The Menu:


I don’t feel like explaining the way the ordering goes down, so I have decided to give all internet people the above picture, even though it is extremely difficult to see. Please, try really hard to read the left side and you will understand. You will also see how much more expensive the left side is compared to the right. I stuck to the right and so should you.


The entire place was empty when I walked in a couple of weeks ago. Two girls were running the show. One was cooking and the other was a server. This is counter service, so if having to tip right away makes your heart beat a little faster then you need to get ready. I decided to go ahead and tip 20% because it just felt right.

Even though I can’t stand being forced to tip before actually receiving service, I still did. What makes this suck is that I never had a refill on my water and had to walk inside to ask for a to-go box. Boo on this kind of service. I was the one and only customer, so what is up with that?



I forgot all about the service travesty by simply daydreaming about what I had just eaten. Just sit down and close your eyes if you get the least bit excited about mahi-mahi. There’s nothing worse in America than someone telling you they serve tilapia on their taco. No, not C’Viche. They have mahi-mahi smothered in creamy sriracha sauce. It made my toes tingle.




I could talk about the corn for days and days and days. It’s crazy great. I decided to open my cheese quesadilla and smoosh the corn inside because it was one of the best ideas I’ve had recently. Oh. Trust me, rich and poor people. Get in your car and drive to C’Viche. You will leave a very happy person.





FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

1922 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206







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