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Maybe important writers automatically know an invitation to a media tasting is +1. This +1 can make or break coolness when already struggling in the cool category. An invitation might read +1 or not. For some unknown reason, I usually guess by over-analyzing invitations. This time— not so much.

Cutting to the chase means letting the internet know a recent media tasting at Bite by Eddy T was none other than a +1. Realizing this was reality happened as the one-step-ahead-of-me writers sashayed to particular tables with their bestie or holiday lover.

Playing it cool was the right thing to do. My husband quickly denied my demand he hustle over to Oak Lawn in a flash. Should he have to cut Christmas shopping at the Galleria short because some people don’t know an event is +1? No. It’s just not fair.

Maybe Facebook could save the day. “Can anyone get over to Oak Lawn in nine minutes so I don’t look like a dork who didn’t know about +1?” This seemed desperate, so the hostess was the only option. This particular hostess was the bomb because she said there was actually a table reserved for people without a +1. This is what humans call a communal table, OK?

All feelings of not being cool left the room upon realizing Susie Drinks, Phil Eats, and Leslie Writes were all sitting at this communal table of complete non-loneliness. These three writers are naturally nice people who probably do not need a +1 to feel valid within their lives.

This was a real-deal menu tasting the day before Eddy T’s doors opened to the public. It was like an explosion of food everywhere. The amuse bouche came and went without knowing what it was. Who knows? Sarah from the Dallas Morning News, that’s who. She’s a fast writer with fast typing fingers who automatically knows food ingredients without having to ask. She probably wrote about this tasting five minutes after getting home, then moved on with her life before going to sleep.

Lobster bisque should excite everyone, especially when you are allowed to see the lobster before the bisque is slowly poured on top. No one can say they didn’t get lobster because lobster evidence is available. This is when my husband actually arrived, which meant food for two. Raise the roof.

It was really weird when he said, “I’m actually not hungry. I just ate at Potbelly.” Really? Come again? After soaking in these words of above level sadness, it was time to convince him he was hungry and needed to immediately order the grass fed beef carpaccio. The others at the table ordered parmesan soufflé and pan-seared foie gras.

Entrees were everywhere to share, as well as desserts. The most surprising Christmas-like excitement was definitely the peppermint crème brûlée. Even angry Yelp people are going to like this dessert. There’s nothing wrong with the peppermint crème brûlée. It’s like having a fun New Year’s Eve without even trying.


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