Retaking Baking & Pastry Class at Le Cordon Bleu —> Approved

In case anyone on the internet cares, all dreams of graduating with honors have now become reality for this culinary student. Le Cordon Bleu approved retaking Baking & Pastry while also completing my externship at a secret restaurant in Lake Highlands. This is a big deal!

Making a measly B the first time around has caused a massive amount of GPA drama to occur. Retaking Baking & Pastry, with an A as the outcome, will bring my GPA up to honors level. Leaders in charge of all cords will have an obligation to place a cord of GPA honor on top of my embroidered graduation chef coat. This extremely jubilant news ultimately makes the state of Texas a better place for everyone to live.

The first time I took Baking & Pastry there were a few students stealing my sauces, equipment, mise en place, and even the tin foil used to wrap my chocolate chip cookies. It was all quite scandalous because I spent more time in class trying to protect my belongings than paying attention to my devoted Baking & Pastry teacher’s teaching. Making a basic B is still completely my deal.

These scary students of total thievery have now, somehow, graduated or at least dropped out of Le Cordon Bleu. There’s no way their sticky fingers will be in this particular class on Monday. Hallelujah & raise at least one roof.

Each and every person who cares will soon feel as though they are also retaking this class with me. I am going to share more this time than usual for no real reason at all. I will keep telling myself there are at least 22,000 readers reading daily. These readers will fast-walk to a computer or iPhone each morning for six weeks to see if I have written about the previous day in Baking & Pastry class. We will work together to earn an A this time. No one will feel let down. You can all attend my culinary school graduation in January as well. In lieu of gifts, please loudly clap your hands harder for me than the other culinary students. Please & thanks.