Goodbye Cancer, Hello Le Cordon Bleu

In approximately two weeks I will enter Le Cordon Bleu as a returning student after leaving for eight months. Cancer did not successfully kill me, which means I can finally finish my degree in culinary arts. Contemporary Cuisine class is going to make life extra exciting.

I’ll also learn how to pair wine, so please feel joy in your heart. Only one more class after that and it will then be time for my externship. I was supposed to complete my externship with John Tesar at Spoon, but, um, well, that is not going to happen anymore. Besides, he is at Knife these days, right?

List of Great Things:

1. The library volunteer has most likely already graduated.

2. Every person who was ever in class with me will not be there anymore.

3. I don’t have hair yet, so my head will fit nicely inside my chef hat.

4. Since cancer tried to kill me, I probably will not become upset if someone steals my clarified butter during class.

5. Nothing makes me nervous anymore. Only cancer cells of certain death shake my world– not culinary school.

My toes are still numb from chemo and I walk like a senior citizen might walk after a long day of running errands. None of this will be a bother during cooking class. One more surgery this week and I’m free. All I need now is hair and things will be hunky-dory. Please, continue to raise the roof and never forget to get rid of your ovaries as soon as you don’t need them anymore. Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that will sneak around your lady parts and kill you.

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