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FullSizeRender (5)This block in Dallas is not parking-friendly. There are parking garages daring the wrong people to park. Then there are the scary signs in front of each parking spot across from Dee Lincoln stating the name of the restaurant a person must be eating at in order to leave their car in that particular space. Parking drama was present for no less than twenty minutes.

The manager greeted me at the door in the best way. He was a small talker and I liked it! The guy waiting on me was at the top of his game. There were only three tables during lunch, but hey, this guy is still an obvious bomb. It’s easy to see him never being in the weeds during dinner service.

Everything about the experience during lunch at Dee Lincoln was super positive and uplifting. I sat in front of the chef, which makes everyone happy. He talked here and there about cooking, culinary school, and basically figuring out how to find the way in this crazy restaurant world. He was saying things about tofu that made tofu sound exciting. People who hate tofu could easily leave this kind of tofu conversation thinking kind thoughts of tofu.

It was really awkward ordering the eggplant parmesan “burger.” I heard the chef say something funny about making a pretend burger. It really was funny. Did I mention the chef is funny? The bad part about the chef being funny is the moment I looked in the mirror after starting the car. Staring back at me was none other than– arugula— stuck between my teeth. Wouch.


eggplant parmesan "burger" mozzarella, house made marinara, arugula, parmesan aioli
eggplant parmesan “burger”
mozzarella, house made marinara, arugula, parmesan aioli”
truffle fries
truffle-parmesan fries


As time stood still all I could think about was how many times I ha-ha-ha’d at the many moments of funny chef talk we had achieved during lunch. Every single time I laughed, the chef was probably thinking he should definitely tell me I had arugula between my teeth. He then most likely thought telling would be a bad idea because then we would no longer laugh. Who can laugh after a chef tells you there is arugula in between your teeth during lunch? He would have stood completely still, filled with guilt after telling me. The arugula situation was a no-win for him. No one can blame the chef for continuing to carry on our conversation that fateful day, filled with laughter, rather than harm my delicate feelings by revealing the awful truth.

Other menu items that should excite everyone are sauteed shrimp & cheddar grits with worcestershire butter, as well as the tuna burger with grilled pineapple, tempura nori, and sriracha aioli.  Check yourself in the restroom mirror after eating. It’s the right thing to do.


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FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch





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