My Externship at Spoon with Chef John Tesar

Executive Chef John Tesar
I enrolled in culinary school to acquire the necessary skills to become a credible food critic. Much more knowledge is obviously necessary to advance from an opinionated true-story-telling food writer to a real deal food critic. While this may be laughable to at least 48 comment trolls in Texas, it’s a goal that will eventually be achieved.

Le Cordon Bleu students must successfully complete an externship in order to earn an associate degree in culinary arts. Having just completed Foundations I (…straight A’s), I experienced an uncontrollable urge to take yellow externship papers to Spoon Bar & Kitchen and hand them to none other than— John Tesar.

There was no way of knowing whether he’d lift his glasses in a terrifyingly slow motion moment before telling me to beat it– get lost– scram. Just so you know, I respect John Tesar— and it’s not because he might wear Prada chef shoes. A tear could easily squeak out of my right eye while trying to express the respect I feel for this chef. His talent is undeniably intriguing and that’s not all. He makes me nervous. I like it.

externship papers After turning in the completed paperwork to Le Cordon Bleu yesterday, I received a blue cravat. For non Le Cordon Bleu people, this is a big deal. Massive. Most students wear a white cravat. I went to school three hours early just so I could stand outside the externship office and wait for this blue cravat. This is an example of complete and total blue cravat spasticness.

The next step is to stage at Spoon before the externship begins. Feeling kind of dorky, weird, and insecure are all unacceptable in the world of working near John Tesar. I will be a champion with total cooking confidence.

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