Jimmy John’s Runs a Tight Ship


There’s  a touch of OCD going on within the Jimmy John’s chain. Being organized is great and all, especially in a restaurant, but the way things work around Jimmy John’s is almost soldier-like. Gigantic cans of chunk tuna and mayonnaise form a perfectly straight line against the wall while everything– everything else— is hidden.  Napkins, straws, mayo packets– you name it.  There’s something to say for cutting costs at every corner, but come on Jimmy John.

It was the second visit that made me realize what the deal is around this joint. Look, if you want a napkin, well, you better find someone and ask permission. There is no napkin area. Mayo? Maybe. If they forget to place this important condiment on your sandwich, someone will hand you one mayonnaise packet, minus a plastic knife, if you are persistent. I’m not saying anyone around here is high maintenance, I’m just saying, hey, if you forget to put mayo on my sandwich, then you need to provide a plastic knife from your secret area for easy spreading. It’s the right thing to do.

Jimmy John’s does not have forks or knives to give anyone. After begging for more than one napkin and a knife to go along with the mayo packet, the guy behind the counter shrugged his shoulders when I said, “You guys are killing me.” He said they just don’t do things that way. And did you know that one piece of tiny cheese costs $1.67?!?! Oh, OK. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Chips cost almost as much as the discounted jumbo bag of Doritos at Tom Thumb. True story.


If you want a straw or a lid or a napkin or a bag or a life, you have to ask. Got it? On the up and up, the owner of Jimmy John’s is making bank rather than handing out the little things in life one might consider a given. Is this wrong? Is it? I mean, in culinary school we are taught not to waste anything. This chain runs a tight ship, people. Jimmy is saving money on all the things customers generally appreciate having— BUT— must ask for. If you want to wipe your dirty sub-face, then ask for a napkin. If you don’t want to spread mayonnaise with your fingers, bring your sandwich back up to the counter and they will slap some mayo on with a spatula. An employee showed me. I said, “Hey, how is this going to work out?” Without words, he just held up the mayo-spatula, slapped my tuna sandwich and called it a day. I’m sure everyone loves Jimmy John’s so much it hurts. Hopefully these tips will help during your potential visit to a Jimmy John’s chain near you.






FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch


Jimmy John’s
1201 Jupiter Road
Plano, TX 75074






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