Goodfriend Beer Garden’s Veggie Burger


This is Goodfriend Beer Garden. There’s no way they are going to have a veggie burger that sucks. They would laugh at the thought of having a veggie burger on the menu rather than create a non-worthy veggie burger. The owners of this place are too smart for unsuccessful nonsense.


veggie burger
veggie burger

I could tell Goodfriend Beer Garden was the real deal after being waited on by the service-bar bartender. He almost looked like he was in the weeds, only to turn around appearing completely calm. About eight tickets cruised out of the machine at once, yet he didn’t flinch. Any other bartender might flinch at least a little, but not this one. He had to muddle here and there, yet didn’t care. To muddle obviously did not bother or make him feel the weeds growing beneath his feet. This is the moment a woman who has never, ever waited tables or bartended walked over to the service-bar area to ask a question.

“Do you have a Band-Aid?”

Double wow. Please do not stand in front of the service-bar. No one likes this, especially servers slinging drinks to customers all over the place. Servers are the only people allowed to stand in this area while waiting for the service-bar bartender to make drinks for their tables. The second thing this woman should never do again, as long as she lives, is ask any busy bartender for a Band-Aid because her new shoes hurt. If there’s no blood– calm down.


The best person to ask a non-bleeding Band-Aid question would be the manager. Asking a manager is the right thing to do. Before the man from South Carolina starts yelling at me down in the comment section, I’m being sweet right now by giving helpful hints on who to ask Band-Aid questions while dining in a restaurant. You’re welcome.


drunk octopus
drunk octopus

There’s hardly ever a time a restaurant’s restroom brings ultimate joy. The purse hanger inside the ladies room stall at Goodfriend Beer Garden has screws a little uneven, along with a shadow perfectly placed. A drunk person using this particular stall happened to notice a drunk octopus was waiting for a hug. Perfection! Writing on the wall is almost always frowned upon, but this is one time it actually was for the good of all mankind.


After placing the drunk octopus picture on Instagram, the writing was soon a part of the past. He is still there, so be on the lookout the next time you visit the ladies room at Goodfriend Beer Garden. Besides the gift of having the only restroom in Dallas with a drunk octopus who needs a hug, this restaurant’s veggie burger is fantastic. Everyone needs to hurry, for the restroom and veggie burger at Goodfriend Beer Garden are both winning.






FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

goodfriend beer garden & burger house
1154 Peavy Rd.
Dallas, TX 75218





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Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House

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