Tuna Melt Perfection at Bread Winners


No one really needs to hear about Bread Winners because Bread Winners, right? It is a known fact around Dallas and surrounding areas that this restaurant has been blessed by the food gods. Whether ordering from the bakery or the restaurant, there’s nothing wrong with the food from Bread Winners– especially the tuna melt sandwich.


albacore tuna salad, tomato, jack & cheddar, grilled marble rye
albacore tuna salad, tomato, jack & cheddar, grilled marble rye

Holy cow, people. At first I was confused with the swirl going around and around and around the bread holding my tuna melt together. Please do not tell anyone this secret, but I’d never had marble rye before eating the tuna melt at Bread Winners a couple of years ago. The leader of students at Le Cordon Bleu will probably withhold my diploma during graduation in January after finding out about this marble rye fail. I asked my classy husband if I should be embarrassed about this uneducated marble rye moment. He said it could happen to anyone, even Thomas Keller or Daniel Humm. Since he’s my husband, I decided to believe him.

to-go tuna melt
to-go tuna melt & cheddar grits

Bread Winners isn’t snobby either. I was above average hungry a few weeks ago, so I decided to stop by their location on McKinney. It was past five, so lunch was obviously finished. The dinner menu was in full swing which meant goodbye to all tuna melt dreams. Do you think the kitchen cared about how badly I needed the lunchtime tuna melt sandwich? Of course they did. It was delivered without even one moment of begging.

While all of the sides are probably the bomb, all I care about is the super cheesy grits. Just stop, please. It’s almost too much to deal with. Even though everyone in Dallas has already eaten at Bread Winners, go back and ask for the tuna melt with a side of cheesy grits. Happiness is headed your way because there is nothing wrong with the tuna melt at Bread Winners. Nothing.







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Bread Winners
3301 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75204


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