La Madeleine = Almost Tuna Melt Joy


In case internet people are wondering why anyone would write about La Madeleine, there’s an above average adequate reason for doing so. Stop in your tracks while refraining from all food snob behavior.Writing about La Madeleine is the right thing to do all because of their crazy great tuna melt sandwich. This is not normal. Just like writing about a massive chain is not normal. When a person comes across something as glorious as the tuna melt at La Madeleine, there’s no looking back. Sharing is caring under these circumstances. The employee helping me order cafeteria-style was beyond nice when asked about adding none other than pecans to my tuna melt sandwich. The cashier did not care what was added to this sandwich as long as the guy behind the La Madeleine line said word up.

Let’s talk tuna. There’s no way this is gross regular chunk tuna. I doubt they bought this tuna off the boat out back either, but buckle up because this tuna isn’t shady. Tuna snobs need to stop everything and raise the roof. I have no idea about the bread because I really wasn’t paying attention. Maybe when I should have been thinking about the bread I was forced to think about how hard the chair felt. Someone must do something about those chairs. Old people will not survive a long lunch sitting in the chairs currently provided at La Madeleine. Let’s talk lettuce. No one likes receiving a sandwich with one piece of microscopic lettuce embarrassing the rest of the ingredients. It’s just not right. La Madeleine does not hurt anyone’s feelings with unnecessary lettuce violations. This sandwich had top and bottom lettuce. Most of the time it’s hard to get the melt included in a tuna melt. This is just weird. If it says melt in the title, then there should be melt all over the place. This sandwich was almost a solid melt– almost. Please be excited about La Madeleine’s tuna melt sandwich in The Woodlands. There’s almost nothing wrong with it.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

La Madeleine
9595 Six Pines Drive
Spring, TX 77380
Market Street‎
(281) 419-5826‎

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