Tutti Frutti’s Cashier Needs to Calm Down

almostveggiescomvegan-chocolate-300x400Tutti Frutti’s cashier in Addison needs to calm down. We immediately wondered what was up with this particular Tutti Frutti cashier the first time she scared us. It all started when we noticed vegan chocolate yogurt without seeing non-vegan chocolate yogurt as an option. This kind of yogurt confusion doesn’t mean we hate each and every vegan on Earth. It means we are curious as to whether there is chocolate yogurt available, minus the vegan part. Is this offensive to vegans everywhere, as well as the Tutti Frutti cashier?

She almost had some kind of fit in front of the yogurt machines as she began to hiss our way. “There is no difference in taste. There are a lot of people with vegan needs, so we only make one kind of chocolate yogurt now.” She did not smile. There was nothing resembling a hint of customer service kindness from the shady Tutti Frutti cashier last night. We decided it really didn’t make a difference and grabbed a cup of vegan chocolate yogurt. This is when we noticed the beautiful display case holding none other than— Fruity Pebbles. Choirs of angels rejoiced right then and there. This moment was filled with glee until the angry Tutti Frutti cashier ruined everything. She ultimately destroyed all Fruity Pebbles happiness as if it didn’t matter.

During an important iPhone picture, the cashier almost began to foam at the mouth with anger before barking, “Why are you taking a picture?!!” Come again, angry cashier? Really? Seriously? Did she really interrupt Fruity Pebbles glory to growl? Yes. Yes, she did. She obviously does not realize how excited being in the presence of Fruity Pebbles forces every part of a person’s body to become. There’s no way anyone can stop me from taking a picture of Fruity Pebbles. This would be a feat I’d challenge anyone to complete. It simply isn’t going to happen. Do you think Andre Natera cared when I took a picture of the Fruity Pebbles ingredient container used to create the now famous Fruity Pebbles milkshake at Village Kitchen? No. Of course not. He would never ruin a person’s Fruity Pebbles moment. It’s just not right.

My husband stood silently while wondering why we couldn’t successfully purchase yogurt after dinner without being in the presence of a cashier shaking with picture-taking anger. I reminded him that as a citizen of the United States of America, I have the right to take a Fruity Pebbles picture.

Wow + Ouch = Wouch




FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch
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