Hibiscus Says Goodbye to Mac & Cheese

The Old Menu
The old menu with mac & cheese.

Ashley is my brand new friend who lives down the street. We decided to have a friend-dinner which included my husband and her fiance. This all sounds fancy because it is fancy. The best part about making a new friend with the same name is there’s no way I’ll ever forget her name.

Just when it seemed like we couldn’t be more perfect for each other, she suddenly confessed she’s obsessed with The Bold & the Beautiful. I knew right then and there that we were potential best friends forever.

While our best friendship was just taking off, the waiter suddenly said, “I’m sorry. We don’t have mac & cheese at Hibiscus anymore.” Come again? There has only been one other time the world shook with shock, and this was definitely the second.

After a full blown investigation, the waiter revealed the reason the mac & cheese has been removed from the menu. “Chef Dodds doesn’t feel the mac & cheese goes with the direction he’s taking the menu.” Well, he said something like that, so it’s still a quotable comment. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

How could something not go with the best mac & cheese in Dallas? How can the best mac & cheese in the city be gone forever? This is nothing less than a pity. My brand new best friend seemed to be OK with my sadness. Just like any best friend, she let me get over it on my own terms and time. She’s the best.


cuttlefish risotto
cuttlefish risotto

Since deciding to move on was the best thing to do, I looked at apps and decided on cuttlefish with risotto. Even though I’m in culinary school, I’m obviously clueless as to what cuttlefish looks like before becoming an appetizer. I decided to google cuttlefish at the table while no one else was watching. Holy freaking moly is all. That’s all.

white anchovies, buttery croutons
mashed potatoes
gruyere potato puree, chives
my friend’s food
gulf red snapper
lentils, avocado, gypsy peppers, piquillo broth

The Caesar was sassy and so were the entrees. I ordered snapper and we all shared a side of mushrooms, as well as some way beyond above average mashed potatoes. The best part of dinner was when the waiter called me Carol from The Walking Dead. I asked him to call me Carol as soon as we sat down. It was only my second dinner without a hat since cancer tried to kill me and I kind of look like Carol’s hair. Telling someone to call me Carol seemed like the right thing to do.


Before the check, our server did none other than drop off chocolate. You have to watch The Walking Dead to understand how exciting this chocolate delivery actually was. And even though the mac & cheese is a part of the past, Hibiscus is still a restaurant with excellent service and a talented chef.








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