Please Do Not Be Naked Beneath a Radiation Hospital Gown

It was really weird realizing I didn’t have to be naked beneath my radiation gown. This potential award winning radiation gown article is going to save many different cancer people for years to come. When a nurse is giving directions– I listen.

On the first day of radiation treatment the nurse said, “You can put two gowns on. One facing the back and one facing the front.” This tells me the second gown is covering my bum. Am I right? These words spoken by a real RN meant to get naked beneath the radiation gown during this and all future dressing room visits.

There are signs everywhere. I’m not sure they need people to do anything but cure cancer around this particular office. Girls must wait in a separate waiting room than boys, which makes sense when you are practically naked and moody because cancer cells are trying to kill all cancer people. No one wants to be around an almost naked cancer guy in the waiting room. No one.

Every time I walked in the waiting room it was empty. My appointment is super early each day, so it was on day four that the cancer ladies finally came out. They arrived before me and were reading bibles and magazines when I walked in completely naked beneath my radiation hospital gown. This is the exact moment I noticed they were all wearing none other than pants.

All this time I’ve proudly announced having socks in my hand, ready to wear while the machine attempts to help me live. The radiologist guy was probably wondering why my pants were left in my cancer locker each day while still managing to arrive with socks. Ever since that day I have never received radiation almost naked.

PRTR (please raise the roof)
There is a secret parking lot behind Baylor. Cancer people getting radiation treatment can park behind the building for free.

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