PET Scan Prepping & Tuna Salad

Please raise the roof that I did not cry one single time today. Cleaning is so boring, but something I would suggest people with cancer do when trying not to cry. After cleaning the house like a champion house cleaner, I decided to read the very important PET scan instructions given to me by my superstar doctor at Baylor.

The PET scan directions are not messing around. I accidentally ate a pack of Fudge Stripes minis first thing this morning, which is against every rule on this piece of paper.

First, do not eat cookies. Cookies are not working out for anyone one day before a PET scan. Bacon is out of the question, so please get over it. Eggs and fish are fine, which meant making tuna salad was the right thing to do.

This lady called me a few minutes ago to let me know my insurance approved paying for the mysterious PET scan tomorrow. I became curious as to how much the crucial PET scan was going to cost my generous insurance company. Ready. One PET scan costs $3,000. People without insurance will not have one of these gifts we call PET scan. Why does it have to be so expensive? This hurts my insurance company’s feelings.

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