One Mambo Taxi Never Killed Anyone with Cancer

Just because you have cancer does not mean the house can be dirty when family visits. Come on, cancer people. Bucking up to the challenge of making your home perfectly beautiful while having a 14cm tumor is the right thing to do.

Since we basically just moved in, um, there are still boxes all over the place. It’s like a box catastrophe. All I can suddenly think about is Mi Cocina because it’s right down the street. I used to crack on Mi Cocina and say, “Oh, why does everyone love Mi Cocina so much it hurts?” That’s really how I felt. Things have changed now that Mi Cocina is less than one single mile away. They have that drink. You know, the Mambo Taxi. The Mambo Taxi is a drink that people living with cervical cancer can still sip on. Just one. One never killed anyone. Cancer could kill everyone, but Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxi is guaranteed to not kill people. Please be excited about the Mambo Taxi.

My husband is almost ready to go have dinner at Mi Cocina. I told him to stop telling everyone I love Mi Cocina, but he has refused my request for this to be our secret.

Crying Update:
There has been zero crying today. No tears over here in Lake Highlands. None.

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