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almostveggiescomTable 13 has arrived. Like Addison needs another restaurant, right? Addison is probably sick of people saying these kinds of things. It’s Addison’s right as a city in the United States of America to have too many restaurants if they want. An exception to having one more restaurant than a city needs is Table 13. Haters beware–> There is so much to love about Table 13.

The dining room is dark with a stage in the back for different singers to sing songs. No one was singing during lunch, but an informative employee explained the kind of vibe one can expect during dining at Table 13. The restaurant is going for a fine dining steak house feel surrounded by Sinatra-like music. Customers are supposed to feel like the Rat Pack is sitting across the room partying. True story.

The bar is and always will be the ultimate place to sit– even for cancer people with cancer who cannot drink alcohol. Do you think this bothered the bartender yesterday? I think not. The first service win for the bartender was immediate. “Hi. What’s your name?” OK. This is fine.

Not sure I recall anyone really caring unless they intend to put a person’s name in the computer for the check. Surprisingly, this bartender needed to know my name for another reason. A somewhat special reason that made my heart beat a little faster for a couple of seconds. He wanted to use my name every single time we interacted, which is as sweet as my granny’s tea in South Carolina.

Besides being the world’s nicest bartender, this guy didn’t mind sharing deviled egg stories one single bit. He has a special recipe at home and usually eats 8 whole eggs right after making his probably world famous worthy deviled eggs. Maybe I’ll buy him the deviled egg container I saw at Tuesday Morning that promises to keep deviled eggs cold while being travel friendly.




Before even ordering water without lemon, because restaurant lemons scare me, I ordered the deviled egg appetizer with dill pickle, capers, and kalamata olives. The eggs not being cut exactly in half excited me way more than it should. It was like getting more white than yolk, which is healthier, so.

There’s nothing wrong with the deviled egg appetizer at Table 13.


Someone accidentally thought I ordered chili dusted bacon wrapped dates stuffed with bleu cheese and, um, just no. I would never order anything wrapped in bacon. Even though bacon hurts by feelings, please expect a picture when food is left within iPhone camera reach. You’re welcome.


The very next menu item that had to be the bomb was tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons. Really? Pretend this doesn’t excite your inner being and watch no one believe you. Grilled cheese croutons in tomato soup immediately helps poor people not have to order a grilled cheese sandwich for dipping. It’s like Table 13 cares about poor and rich people at the same time.


I couldn’t believe  “The Fab” was $9 and had a description worthy of weak knees: Five-cheese blend grilled cheese sandwich. The bartender promised I would not feel greasy after lunch. Imagine dipping this grilled cheese sandwich of complete cheese joy into tomato soup that already has mini grilled cheese sandwich croutons. Everyone should raise the roof because there’s a grilled cheese crouton genius working in Addison right now.

Being stuffed meant missing out on the Bananas Foster dessert. Please, feel sad for eleven seconds.

Table 13 does not suck– at all. Leslie Brenner just wrote about Table 13 and she is obviously really smart because she likes Table 13. Even if she only gave them two stars let’s all be fine with this terribly low amount of stars given. She still liked it. Some day Leslie will probably speed dial call me to talk about how she wishes she’d given Table 13 at least one more star for including mini grilled cheese sandwich croutons in their tomato soup.  It’s the right thing to do.
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Table 13
4812 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX 75254





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