Eating Dinner at Potbelly on My Birthday


Please, do not be a Potbelly birthday snob. Being invited to a Potbelly sandwich tasting on my birthday meant purposely having dinner at Potbelly on the very same day as my birthday. Things needed in order to have fun on a person’s day of birth are quite simple.

photo 1

1. Music
Potbelly had a guitar guy jamming barely eight inches away from the table.

2. Food
Since Potbelly is a restaurant and the invitation was to taste food, this meant eating food on my birthday was going to happen.

3. Husband or Friend
One of these would be the next necessary ingredient in having a successful birthday dinner at Potbelly. Since my hard-working husband had to rush off to a secret meeting in another state and return the very same night, there was no husband to be had at Potbelly. Other blogger-type humans don’t exactly love-me-like-a-sis, even though I’m as sweet as granulated sugar, it seemed like the third requirement for a fulfilling Potbelly birthday would not be possible.

Please, do not feel sorrow. There, sitting across from the only empty chair available, was none other than a stranger/potential friend. Before an official introduction, we quickly became Instagram friends. Gaining an Instagram friend on my birthday is like being given a gigantic gift ten times in a row. Food, music, and a brand new Instagram friend made my birthday dinner at Potbelly unforgettable.

Potbelly’s extremely important tasting’s purpose was to introduce — flats.

Per Potbelly…
“Our new, deliciously thin multi-grain bread lets you taste all of our flavorful hand-sliced meats, cheeses, and mouth-watering Potbelly ingredients. And they’re 90 calories less than the originals.”

The Potbelly pictures below will probably make your day much brighter than it would have originally been.


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