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My friend from Delicious Mischief invited me to tag along while he interviewed a few chefs in Fort Worth for his radio show. Having never been to Fort Worth, all thoughts were consumed with the rumored restaurant rivalry between Dallas and this mysterious place called Fort Worth. I thought only Houston and Dallas have beef with each other, but that’s not the case. Being the gentle, kind, and always friendly human that I just so happen to be, well, I love all three. Curtsy.

The best way to describe Jon Bonnell’s new restaurant is to say it is simply perfect. Everything about Waters is dreamy. While décor talk is usually a bore, Waters is a game changer. A see through circular wine room is placed in between the bar and the dining room. Chef Bonnell has placed all wine bottles in the order they appear on the menu. People can actually walk around and see each bottle of wine, which excites me way more than it should. In case some people did not know, this chef used to be a school teacher. That’s right. This place is set up like an OCD retired teacher gone mad— in a good way. Organization, detail— you name it. This guy is not messing around.

Seafood. Please pause and think about what you consider to be fresh, almost beautiful— seafood. I can’t even talk about the menu at Waters. It hurts in a way that feels like some kind of heavenly happy ache. He even has a lobster roll. Yes, he does. When this chef talks about his standards for each and every item being sold, there’s no doubting he means business. He’s on the phone daily to get the best. Settling is obviously not an option.

Wait. Stop. The. Press. Did you guys know there are people out there saying bad things about this restaurant? Wow. Just wow. Chef Bonnell previously taught school. Talking negative about him is like disrespecting a teacher. Anyone not liking this restaurant should be banished to an empty, dark closet to live a lifetime without food or water. While this type of punishment seems harsh, implying Waters sucks is a serious writing offense. Who does not like Waters? Crazy people, that’s who. These people must be unaware of just how nice this chef is. He has an entire section on his website listing recipes! How can anyone be mean to a chef graciously giving away delicious recipes? It’s just not right.

Moving right along…

While the menu has some scary prices, there are still options for poor people. I usually stick with lunch when dinner dining is too expensive. The menu at Waters doesn’t have to hurt poor people’s feelings, so check it out. Our next stop in Fort Worth was a sit down interview with executive chef-owner Tim Love of Woodshed Smokehouse. Another talented chef making Fort Worth worthy.

2901 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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