Mattito’s Tex-Mex

Mexican restaurant dining usually means eating three baskets of cheese oozing chips before stuffing my face with a sour cream covered shrimp quesadilla. These actions make it impossible to leave a Mexican restaurant without feeling like a slob. People need chip self-control. Chips hit the table and it’s like my husband and I have never seen a basket of chips before. Like it’s going to be the last basket of chips we will ever eat. I don’t even think I can really taste the queso because all I’m really doing is shoveling through some kind of chip race. We still feel desperate even though chips are limitless in every Mexican restaurant. The entire chip experience is exhausting, not to mention unattractive.

Moving right along…

It’s really weird to go to a restaurant and have excellent service two times in a row. This just isn’t the norm for us. Most of the time it’s just luck. Sitting at the bar is almost always a good service guarantee. This time it wasn’t my choice because my husband’s family was in town for our daughter’s birthday. Sitting at the bar would have been awkward since my sister-in-law has a teeny-tiny baby and two kids. People would probably stare since having kids in the bar is frowned upon.

The best part about dining with my husband’s family is I love them. The worst part about dining with my husband’s family is knowing bad service might happen. When bad service happens around my husband’s family, I’m forced to keep all feelings of bad service to myself. If not, my brand new family will think I’m high maintenance during dining. Me being a tad high maintenance is supposed to be a secret. Please do not tell anyone.

Luckily, the only thing that happened was minimal. Three pieces of mysterious burnt-looking objects were inside my shrimp quesadilla. This made me think the quesadilla was cooked in the same spot as some kind of carcass. It looked like meat. Smelled like meat. What am I supposed to do about this with my brand new family surrounding me? I whispered to my husband, informing him of the necessary potential carcass investigation. He did the unthinkable and ignored me.

Mysterious particles or not, I’m a fan of the service at Mattito’s. Good service has the power to make food taste a little better. This is how I feel, so it must be true. While Mattito’s Tex-Mex isn’t out of this world, there’s no denying the service will make you smile.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Mattito’s Tex-Mex
7778 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75730

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