Tandoory Taco


Tandoory Taco is located in a little shopping center near the The Woodlands. This place is number two on Urbanspoon, so stopping by for lunch felt like the right thing to do. Everything pre-taco was working out— clean, exciting menu, invitingly (semi-too-bright) decor, with a super nice cashier. Carcass people have plenty to choose from, including skirt steak, lamb, and a slew of chicken tacos. The only tacos I ever want, need, and must have are shrimp and fish!

When the tacos arrived, taco depression hit like a hurricane on your wedding day. The only way to describe what is going on inside the fryer at Tandoori Taco is complete and total fryer sadness. The saddest fryer ingredients to ever touch shrimp or fish. Everything inside the fryer needs to be thrown away. Please, start over. Maybe consider getting rid of the fryer altogether. Pretend what’s inside the fryer was never there. It should be a secret.

I’ve always eaten every bite of any shrimp taco ordered throughout my life. I took one bite of the shrimp taco at Tandoory Taco and spit it out. The spit-out I performed was not classy. It was like spitting fried food out and still having greasy lips left behind. Quite unattractive and unappetizing at the same time. Noise was not involved while spitting out the greasy, mushy, sad as saying goodbye breaded shrimp out of my mouth. Greasy breading soggily crumbling is an above average taco violation.

The fish taco obviously had the same fried fiasco as the shrimp taco, but was also unbelievably dry. The fried tilapia taco was the absolute worst fish taco I’ve ever tried to eat. If there was ever a time to ask for a refund, this was a no-brainer. On the up and up, I did manage to take two bites of the mushroom taco even though it was extremely cold and sticky. There’s no way for me to say Tandoory Taco is all bad since I don’t eat chicken. There are so many different chicken options that are not fried, there’s a chance all menu items aren’t a disaster. Steer clear of anything fried and you might leave Tandoory Taco feeling satisfied.

The menu is–> here.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch


Tandoory Taco

407 Sawdust Road

Spring, TX 77380




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