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Sushi Axiom’s happy hour is available Monday through Saturday from 3pm – 7pm and all day on Sundays. This happy hour produces one of those moments where food is so cheap it tastes better. I’m positively positive it does not taste as good as I think it does. Even though the service during happy hour hurts my feelings, this deal is too good to turn down. We keep going back with a great attitude about their massively shady service.

There’s no way any customer can blame the bartender for not being a happy hour superstar. We actually feel sorry for him every single time. No one should be mean to him. It’s just not right. The bartender at Sushi Axiom should be above average upset with the manager. It is physically impossible for this guy to give everyone good service during happy hour. He is not in charge of how many bartenders are working each shift. He is one human that can only do so much. He is probably going to have high blood pressure and prematurely gray all because Sushi Axiom’s manager will not schedule another bartender during happy hour each day.

Poor people are spending more money at the grocery store than what they’d spend at Sushi Axiom. Do you realize it is possible to take this happy hour food home? While this is totally tacky, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. The bartender is too busy to care if happy hour people take this happy hour food home.

There were six hungry people at my house a few weeks ago. I knew exactly how painful the service would be if we all went to Sushi Axiom for happy hour. Instead of making my friends sad, I went in and ordered tons of happy hour food and took it to-go. This was actually doing the bartender a favor because another person was in charge of my dining deal. We then had our own happy hour at home, while giving ourselves the best service imaginable. I almost tipped myself.

This would be the positive-negative-positive part of discussing Sushi Axiom. No one wants to be a downer, so I’m going to say this in the kindest way: Please do not order the $18 lobster roll. There’s hardly any lobster involved in this soggy lobster roll disaster. How can a lobster roll cost $18 and not be outstanding? Soggy is scary. It seems like soggy would have been the focus of the moment, but all I could think about was how the soggy lobster roll barely had any lobster. Frown wrinkles were secretly wrinkling everywhere. Why were we eating an $18 soggy non-lobster roll? Mind boggling.

Our server held her hand out while trying to describe how much lobster comes with the pretend lobster roll. This is a super-secret iPhone picture. Please do not tell anyone. I suggested maybe asking the guys in the kitchen because, you know, most of the time the kitchen people know how much lobster they are using to produce a lobster roll. Is this wrong? She came back and basically said that’s all she’s got– the hand. I couldn’t exactly calculate lobster ounces with this random hand holding of an imaginary lobster. If her hand is supposed to be holding the lobster on my soggy non-lobster roll, then I’m thinking there should have been more lobster on the plate. It was hard to focus because her long nails distracted all lobster thoughts. The claw-like pose her hand was performing just wasn’t working out. My husband immediately decided it was time to move on.

Please be excited about the food pictured below. These are some of the items that can be yours during happy hour. A complete happy hour menu is—> here.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch
Sushi Axiom
5225 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254

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