DISH Restaurant

There is a cauliflower dish on the menu at DISH. The server walked over with lots of cauliflower-hype, instantly making me nervous. Ever since I was old enough to form an opinion about cauliflower, I have done so without looking back. I consider it a form of punishment to have any kind of cauliflower in my mouth. That’s why it was really weird when I had cauliflower in my mouth at DISH.

We cannot waste a single second before discussing executive chef Garreth Dickey’s grilled cauliflower dish of total surprising delish. The only way to describe this vegetarian type of cauliflower “steak” is to say it’s crazy great. A first place grand prize cauliflower creation. The server delivered a steak knife, which excited me way more than it should. Cutting into the grilled cauliflower made me hyper as I started daydreaming about eating steak, even though I wasn’t.

Chef Garreth is exhibiting chef compassion for almost vegetarians by allowing them to pretend to eat none other than– steak. The cauliflower didn’t taste like cauliflower usually tastes. Girl Scouts Honor: This is not your average cauliflower. Baby kale, cipollini onions, calabrese peppers, black radish, and golden raisin brown butter was all over the place. Another clear menu win from chef Garreth is the pan roasted shishito peppers with red miso, sesame, and reggiano. Please know there is something else to raise the roof about: jalapeño chicken mac & cheese can be yours without— chicken. That’s right. Chef Garreth Dickey is a top chef in Dallas. Everything about the food he’s creating is worth your dining while.

Dish Restaurant and Lounge
4123 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75219

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