egg full Oddfellows has deviled eggs that are kind of fried. Not only is this method of deviled egg preparation exciting, it is tear-jerkingly forever welcome in our lives. Deviled egg tears two nights in a row can only be a gift. Oddfellows is responsible for a lightly fried deviled egg topped with sriracha and chives– a solid masterpiece exiting the kitchen. The deviled eggs at Oddfellows deserve an award from someone considered important.

Having dreamy deviled eggs is great and all– but holy freaking wouch. The service after deviled egg delivery was beyond lousy last night. Before ever saying a server sucks, there are several things to consider. Look around. Are any employees, including this one, in the weeds? No. Do customer’s faces at other tables look miserable like someone killed their cat on purpose? No. Are other people thirsty, momentarily living life without hydration? Not really.

It was like a service free fall the second our lightly fried deviled eggs arrived. It seems as though the other servers did not suck, especially the girl running the section beside his. I kept daydreaming about how the sun would shine if only she was in charge of our dining glory. Not so much. Our server didn’t physically disappear completely. He just never came back to take my dinner order or refill water. He could be seen snail crawling to chit-chat at the bar, pouring water for other customers, and leaning.

I never do the– hey, excuse me, pardon, help, or hand wave. I’d rather wait and see how long someone is going to showcase a full blown service fail before begging to be taken care of. This guy took so long, there really was no choice but to perform the dreaded hand raise. Welcome to 4th grade.

Either I was starving from the shady wait, or the tuna salad sandwich at Oddfellows is one of the best around. Asking for this sandwich to become a tuna melt felt beyond the realm of possibility, so it arrived regular. Wow. This is definitely a tuna salad sandwich win. Being thirsty during each bite was a bit of a downer– until a mysterious guy wearing a blue sweater finally stopped by to save the water day. He could be seen walking around helping out here and there. As with everyone else, he was not in the weeds. The blue sweater guy can read faces. He translated my face as a trapped, prison-like patron in desperate need of service. Deviled eggs cannot do all the work. You can’t drop off a deviled egg win and think things are going to end happily ever after.

Everyone has their own opinion about an upcharge. Eating cheddar stone grits with the tuna salad sandwich meant adding a $2 upcharge to the check. The $12 tuna salad sandwich came with a side. I asked Houdini if it would be OK to have cheddar stone grits instead of frites or a salad and he said– yes. In order to get away with an upcharge, a server must mention the upcharge. There’s no way anyone should pay a surprise upcharge. The server’s job is to inform while ordering. After waiting tables and bartending for years, this is my expert upcharge opinion, which is the world’s best opinion, in my opinion. On the low & low, only a couple of bites were eaten of the cheddar stone grits, which were sadly similar to bland grits from Cook Hall a while back. Not a pleasant mouth experience.

A sincere suggestion is to sit at the bar, which almost always guarantees wonderful service wherever a person eats. We thanked the blue sweater guy for saving the day and will definitely be back for an order of deviled eggs to-go.


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FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

316 West 7th Street
Dallas, TX 75208



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