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Mama Fu’s invited food and mommy bloggers to have lunch at their Frisco location on opening day. Having never been around mommy bloggers before, wondering how mommy bloggers act consumed all parts of my brain. A mommy blogger is a mom, obviously, who likes to write, right? My imagination told me a mommy blogger probably has a grocery store coupon zipper bag, at least one baby, and loves to add housewife pictures to Pinterest. These mommy bloggers probably test items for companies, resulting in random giveaways, prizes, and Tupperware parties to boot. If this is what a mommy blogger does, then mommy bloggers are never bored.

Entering Mama Fu’s meant following directions sent by email. These directions directed me to wait for a specific person at the front door. The back room was reserved for our educational introduction to all that is Mama Fu’s. The main person in charge did not know what a hashtag was, which immediately startled a mommy blogger. In an act of random kindness, she explained all hashtag details, including how to sign up for Pinterest and Instagram. This particular mommy blogger needed to know if Mama Fu’s wanted our lunch tweets to have none other than a hashtag. The anticipation of exactly what, if any, hashtag might be used excited almost everyone present.

I spotted the most exciting mommy blogger possible and decided to say hi. Maybe this hi would open the door to bigger conversations about living life as a mommy blogger. As I approached her at the soda station, she summarized her daily deal, which was pretty much exactly as predicted. Exhausted from the full blown mommy blogger investigation, I decided to sit alone at a two-top. This decision took four seconds to make. Sometimes making small talk hurts my feelings. I’d rather delete pictures than small talk sometimes. There are over 12,000 pictures wasting space on my iPhone, so deleting during down time is a priority.

The invite to Mama Fu’s allowed each blogger to enjoy one complimentary meal. Their menu offers a lunch trio, which is a pretty good deal. Choose your entree, then pick a side and drink. Side choices are a pork or vegetable roll, garden salad, cup of soup, basil spring roll, potstickers, and edamame. Mama Fu’s offers counter service during lunch, then switches to table service during dinner. They have online ordering for delivery, as well as the ability to cater corporate or family events.

A copy of the menu is—> here.

Mama Fu’s Asian House
2429 Preston Road
Frisco, Texas 75034

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