Neighborhood Services on Lovers Lane

Buying mousse will never reward consumers the luxury of having Nick Badovinus’ hair. Please do not try this at home. His family must have a long line of seductively wavy blonde hair. His mom and dad were definitely homecoming king and queen at least two times while attending high school. I bet his collar flips without even having that automatic part that makes a collar flip. He’s a Biff-looking guy that makes innocent citizens want to go sailing on a windy afternoon in order to watch his hair’s wavy waves… wave.

No one around here is being sassy by stating hair facts. Being a credible writer means writing all facts, which includes reporting fascinating hair waves. It’s also necessary to share the fact that I’ve lived life for over one year unaware Nick Badovinus possesses a Greek-god-like-easy-on-the-eyes hair style.

Nick Badovinus has blonde locks of wave glory. Plain and simple. If a person could be savory, then he could easily be considered a savory human. I bet the ladies on Lovers Lane are getting their flirt on during every single shift. We need to be happy for the ladies of Lovers Lane and for him. It’s the right thing to do. There’s nothing wrong with having hair that waves all over the place even while standing still. This level of wave brings forth some kind of uncontrollable hair illusion, which is like receiving a present when it’s not your birthday. Presents are free. Looking at Nick Badovinus when he’s not looking is also free. Personally, I would rather write about my husband’s hair right now. As a serious journalistic reporter, reporting on Nick Badovinus’ hair simply has to be covered instead. I’m sure you can all agree.

After a full blown investigation, it has been proven that when Nick Badovinus is in a hurry, his hair looks the same as if he were not in a hurry. I know this because I secretly watched him for almost fourteen minutes this past Monday. I didn’t want to seem like a stalker, since we just met for the first time earlier in the day at the Preston location of NHS. I occasionally stop by that location to eat deviled eggs while completing my culinary school homework. While doing my homework, I noticed the lobster roll is only offered each Thursday during dinner. This is when the bartender provided excellent information. He so helpfully said, “The Lovers Lane NHS offers the lobster roll daily.” Check, please.

While driving beneath a thunderstorm to NHS on Lovers Lane, I suddenly wondered: Did Nick Badovinus’ lovely locks of blonde glory, coupled with champion swagger, play a part in winning the award for best restaurant in Dallas? I’m just being honest. I can’t control the wonder part of my brain that randomly wonders something. His perfectly wavy blonde hair should be illegal. He wears a bright white apron to match his Colgate smile that’s smiling all over the place. The second thing I had to wonder is why I wondered that to begin with. People don’t give awards for best restaurant just because the owner-chef is a spectacle of gorgeous glory. A person picking the best restaurant in Dallas would never let Nick Badovinus lock them in a hypnotic-slow-motion-best-restaurant-trance. Look away. Even if his existence did not own the term glory, this chef has talent.

You can tell a lot about a person just from snooping their restroom. Tried & True is also owned by Nick Badovinus. That’s right. The restroom there is almost scandalous. Enter into bathroom evidence: two unisex bathrooms with shady long couches just waiting for drunk people to be naughty, which represents the naughty side of this owner. The restroom at NHS represents the thoughtful, beyond the call of thoughtful duty, side of Nick Badovinus. Need a tampon? Check. Q-tip? Double check. Comfy napkins for intense hand drying? Triple check. This restroom even has towels and mouthwash. Combine the restrooms at NHS with Tried & True and the only conclusion is Nick Badovinus is a bad boy with gentle-as-a-purring-kitten tendencies. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

I looked away long enough to get a to-go box. Taking this lobster roll outside for a quick picture was the only option. This lobster roll is too important to not ask the valet guy to hold the to-go box for total picture perfection. This is a secret, so please do not tell anyone. Even more exciting than my Doritos sleeping bag is finding out Nick Badovinus is somehow kind of responsible for the lobster roll method at TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill. This is crazy exciting stuff.

Best restaurant: not sure. Deliciously fresh lobster roll: very sure.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Neighborhood Services
5027 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX 75209

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