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almostveggiescomthreestacks1meat-400x300Being a Frisco first timer meant experiencing a Frisco first impression. Frisco has an obscene amount of shopping centers all spastically smooshed together. Signs guide the rookie out-of-towner shoppers through the maze of massive shopping center madness. Frisco people are probably calm about everything because they get to go shopping all the time. Christmas shopping is no big deal to Frisco people. Frisco’s professional shopping center shoppers probably roll on Target’s floor laughing out loud at Black Friday like it’s no big deal.

People get hungry while performing a shop-til-you-drop all day long, yet we never hear Frisco getting bent out of food shape. They aren’t getting involved in the Houston-Dallas food war that makes everyone’s frown wrinkle wrinkle. Frisco residents will probably live much longer without food rivalry raising their blood pressure. Frisco is lucky because no one from Frisco is running down the street saying, “Frisco’s food is better than your food, yo.” Do you think people in Frisco have time to argue about food with IKEA right around the corner?

Shopping people in Frisco probably love The Rib Whisperer pitmastering at 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House. The Rib Whisperer’s other name is Trace Arnold, which feels equally as exciting as his other name. The Rib Whisperer is the first real cowboy I’ve ever met. A cowboy wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, and is super nice while busily being a busy cowboy. Not only did this cowboy grow up on a dude ranch, but he created The Ultimate Smoker & Grill that can slow smoke over 2,000 pounds of meat and lots of other carcass at the same time. Even more exciting, he was recently a part of the History Channel’s Cross Country Cookout.

Please be excited about the 3 Stacks media tasting invitation recently sent to my email. Arriving for lunch meant seeing three gigantic smokers sitting beside the entrance. Each smoker contains a different kind of meat, which probably excites meat people in an above average way. The bar offers over thirty local tap craft beer selections, which means craft beer people will have no reason to complain about lame beer.

Everyone needs to know The Rib Whisperer is not messing around when it comes to educating BBQ eaters he thinks may be “addicted to bad BBQ.” He has three rules to help these BBQ mistake-makers recover, ultimately gifting them a new life filled with BBQ glory.

Per The BBQ Whisperer…

RULE #1:
NEVER put sauce on your ribs. Good ribs don’t need sauce. And if the ribs are great, then it’s just a crime.

RULE #2:
If you come to 3 Stacks and love what they serve, it is your duty to go out and bring a friend or a coworker back with you to share the knowledge.

RULE #3:
If you ever eat anything you don’t 100% love, find Trace Arnold or anyone who works at 3 Stacks and let them know so they can fix the problem and make it right.


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3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House
4226 Preston Road
Frisco, TX 75034






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