Sharing Pencil Grips & Erasers at Le Cordon Bleu

via shutterstock (expensive & not your own)
via shutterstock (expensive & not your own)
In an attempt to make new friends on the first day of nutrition class last week, offering other students a sassy eraser and sparkling pencil grip seemed like the right thing to do. These weren’t just regular erasers or even close to basic pencil grips. As I opened the bag, an array of colors lit up our nutrition classroom in a flash. It was like a rainbow exploded on my desk as I waited for each and every student to joyously enjoy this moment of pencil accessory glory.

As time stood still, no one accepted the generous pencil accessory offer. Not one student was interested in bedazzling their note taking tool that fateful day. It’s not like every color was a girl color either. There were plenty of boy pencil accessory colors like blue, orange, green, and yada. There was simply no excuse for eraser slash pencil grip rejection during the first five minutes of nutrition class. While most students mouthed no thanks, one attempted to have a valid reason for this horrifying rejection. “Oh, thanks— but I only use mechanical pencils.” Oh, pardon. Sorry to be a gift-giving bother.

Maybe pencil grips and erasers excite me more than they should due to some kind of pencil-pressure problem. Some people aren’t able to use mechanical pencils, you know. Pressing down too hard causes a mechanical pencil fail to become reality, which means some of us are less fortunate in that particular pencil area. Another first world college problem is having an uncontrollable urge to sharpen and sharpen and sharpen and sharpen again. After searching all of Dallas, the world’s best sharpener can now be found on my desk at all times. Everyone is too cool for my sharpener because of the high class mechanical pencils consuming our classroom. Who needs a fast pen or a mechanical pencil when you’ve got all this? Mechanical pencil people, that’s who.

Just when it seemed like a total gift shut down, I noticed a student with a regular, completely unsharpened pencil. Not only did this student accept a green pencil grip, but she also decided to live on the edge and grab a non-matching red eraser. Classmate joy did not end there. This particular student asked to borrow none other than my sharpener— even though it is shaped like a fish and the sharpening hole is located in the back of the mini fish body. Before nutrition class ends, all classmates will wish they’d accepted such an exceptional eraser and pencil grip gift.

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