Twisted Root Burger

trashAfter deciding what to order, we made our way to the counter. This is the first moment things began to feel above average dirty. It was around 7:00pm and the containers on the counter looked like a tornado blew through in a funky kind of way.

My husband tipped $11 at the counter. Counter tipping is annoying because tipping before service is received feels like being violated. Tipping when the experience is over is the right thing to do. This is how I feel, so it must be true. The guy I married doesn’t put that much thought into it and wishes I would do the same.

As we sat waiting for our burgers, the group of condiments on our table was as sad as condiments sitting on a table could ever be. It is a fact that crusty dried up condiment bottles can be prevented or at least taken care of when the table is being bussed.

I then looked over to the left and there were trash bags, a sanitation bucket, a dirty bus tub, and trash cans only a few feet away. Twisted Root Burger might be going for the relaxed, non-serious restaurant scene, but this scene is actually very scary. This particular view is not working out for anyone at Twisted Root Burger. I recently learned all about red sanitation buckets in culinary school. Just so you know, there is a way to go about having a trash area in a restaurant and this is not it.

I soon walked over to find a fork and knife. After the trash area and the explosion of dirtiness at the counter, the utensil area sealed the dirty deal. There is really no reason to have this much dirt and trash in the same spot a person is getting something that will eventually end up in their mouth.

black bean veggie burger
black bean veggie burger

It was really weird when I picked up my veggie burger at the counter. On the side of the plate was the tiniest piece of lettuce ever to be considered a piece of acceptable burger lettuce. Since we were doing all of the work ourselves, I figured the $11 tip my husband left in the beginning meant I could ask for more lettuce. The guy at the counter did not hesitate to give me a huge piece of lettuce, which immediately caused total lettuce recovery to occur.

The black bean veggie burger reminds me of the burger at Jake’s, minus being better. This is not a bad burger. It wasn’t dry, so there was reason to rejoice. It’s extremely hard to rave about food when a restaurant feels like a dirty dish rag. Twisted Root Burger feels dirty. Plain and simple.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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