Triniti Restaurant + Bar ~ Lobster Roll & French Fry Joy!

Today is National French Fry Day. Triniti must hold its head high on this above average day, for they exceed all French fry expectations. Every fry is cooked crispy crunchy to perfection. Who likes a lame fry having no crunch? Eww. Even worse, the soggy fry. Barf.

Does a person exist that wants to scrounge around a bowl, endlessly searching for that one fry meeting all standards of worthiness? No. Just try and find one fry that will quickly bend in a soft or almost soggy way. Executive chef Ryan Hildebrand definitely grew up in a home where the soft fry is totally unacceptable.

Triniti has added a new summer addition to the lunch menu. This brand new lobster roll has the ability to force all to squeak out a tear. As dinner service began, we stopped by last week in hopes of receiving this gift.

Fred Zennati, the general manager, quickly went to discuss this important request with the chefs. While patiently waiting in limbo at the bar, we considered this to be a semi pipe dream. To our surprise, even though the lobster roll is a lunch item, the kitchen wasn’t slammed. Their non-slammed status meant only one thing: Lobster Roll Approval.

Anyone that doesn’t become spastic over a lobster roll is abnormal. Fact. At bare minimum, a lobster roll bucket list should consist of Luke’s Lobster in New York & Washington. This should happen before exiting earth. Is Triniti’s lobster roll worthy of a $16 price tag? I scream yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! <—(example of spastic approval)

Triniti offers a variety of different soups, salads & sandwiches during lunch. Another item to fancy in the sandwiches & toast section has roasted beet, pine nut pesto, arugula & goat cheese on lemon thyme toast, which can be yours for $12.

For those feeling Triniti is the textbook definition of a special occasion restaurant, well, eating a lobster roll is sincerely special, isn’t it? Check out Triniti’s lunch menu online. Move it or lose it, people!

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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