In celebration of National Burger Month, we continue our quest for burger success during Sunday Brunch at Beaver’s. Word on the street: Beaver’s has one of the best veggie burgers on the block. If Jonathan Jones invented it, this story could be true.

Since his departure from Beaver’s and Xuco Xicana, all is well in the world again with his newest venture ~ Concepción. Soon to be open to everyone, Concepción is located in the former Ocean’s house in Montrose. J.J. is the real deal, so get ready.

One thing’s for sure, do not be a dork at Beaver’s. Try to be cool at any cost. Just do this, please. Nobody at Beaver’s has time for un-cool people to be up in the club. If necessary, pull out some swagger in a full force effort to get it together.

And another thing, do not expect to work here if you maintain a zero cool factor factor. Fact. Evidence supports all statements pertaining to cool rules. For the cool status record, AVH is not cool. Barely cool enough to even talk about cool rules.

Top 4 Cool Rule Establishments:

1. Anvil

2. Hay Merchant

3. Underbelly

4. Beaver’s

The bottom of Beaver’s menu says 25 cents will be added for EACH to-go item. Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting. No like. Nope. This probably doesn’t sit well with most to-go order purchasing commoners in Houston.

After receiving what felt like a massive door slam immediately after performing a recent automatic gratuity rant, in another super secret unnamed restaurant, um, it’s probably best to zip it while quietly moving right along. Curtsy.

Beaver’s brunch menu has something for everyone. House made boudin balls? Check. Chopped all-natural beef shoulder? Check. We started with queso, having smoked asadero cheese, green chilies, and pico. The menu gave clear instructions to ask our server how to “knock it up” for an extra $5. Probably some kind of cow. Please & no thanks.

Gulf shrimp gumbo with basmati rice is full of spicy in the very best way. It’s actually perfectly spiced. Perfection.

Salad people rejoice, Beaver’s offers a fried green tomato salad prepared using panko fried local green tomatoes, red bell pepper, spinach, baby lettuce, and basil whipped goat cheese in a red pepper dressing.

Scary, but we all know carcass people need food too. Beaver’s burger is made with all-natural Augustus Ranch beef and served with a side of chips. You name it and you can add it for $1 or $2… mac -n- cheese, mushrooms, bacon, chili, blue cheese, cheddar, egg, crispy onions, etc…

This veggie burger is crazy good! When it landed, an uncontrollable stare started. It’s hard to understand how oh how this gravity defying patty could possibly become one with the word patty. Absolutely fantastic in every way. It’s a perfect mix of cashews, walnuts, cheddar, and brown rice. Fact: Most veggie burgers suck. Really suck. Beaver’s easily has the best veggie burger eaten thus far.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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2 thoughts on “Beaver’s

  1. Thanks! Do you have any favorite places with veggie burgers? I’m trying to find the best of the best. 🙂

  2. I’m writing about The Counter now. I had the Asian veggie burger in a bowl yesterday. Not sure where I’m going next. I never made it to Plonk this weekend. A lot of people say it’s one of the best.

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