Thanks for Absolutely Nothing, Godaddy.

So, wow. Godaddy recently has no idea why over 6,000 pictures of food disappeared. This would seem like the end of the world for hardcore food bloggers, but it’s really not that big of a deal. All of the pictures are in iCloud, so it’s only going to take about two or three years for me fix over 600 food articles, then delete past posts about upcoming food events, news and yada.

Since tennis is my new job that pays nothing, I’m fine with this happening. Two years ago I would have jumped in front of a train or bus at the thought of losing this blog. This is actually a first-world problem. People are dealing with a hurricane right now, OK?

If there was a tennis catastrophe going on right now, then we would have a totally different situation. My tennis racket has new strings and I went in half with my friend on a case of balls from Costco as well. Besides having a lot of ants trying to get in our house through wall cracks (?), I mean, life is peachy.

We have a new puppy. This puppy is a golden doodle. How could anyone be upset about losing over 6,000 pictures when Sadie the Doodle is sitting here smelling like a puppy and jumping all over the place? Things are fine. It’s fine. No problem. Let’s do this.