Reunion at Rustic Table

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC Rustic Table used to be the Island Deli. This information is something everyone who grew up in Pawleys Island knows. It’s probably one of the only restaurants I didn’t work at in high school. I kept having to quit my job every July 4th because who wants to work on July 4th when you are a teenager living at the beach?

I went back to South Carolina last week for Marcy’s funeral. She fought cancer like a true champion. We were both fighting cancer at the same time and were actually cancer free around the same time as well. Sadly, hers returned and spread throughout her body.

I bet you could ask anyone if they remember Marcy’s glorious laugh, even those who hadn’t seen her since high school, and they would remember. Her laugh is just –> wow –> in the best way. It makes me laugh just thinking about Marcy’s laugh. She’s one of the best.

We all went into the church fellowship hall after the funeral. It was like having our own little class reunion. We decided right then and there that we were all going to have brunch at Rustic Table, on Sunday, to celebrate Marcy’s life and catch up after so many years. Most people had to cancel by the time brunch arrived, but the four of us didn’t need any help having fun catching up.

onion rings
fried oysters, black beans, pineapple salsa, cilantro-lime sour cream
deviled eggs
cornmeal fried oyster salad
fried chicken with brown gravy, lima beans, rice
shrimp & iron skillet creamed corn grits, tomatoes parsley,
butter, white wine & lemon, minus sausage

Our server still managed to give us excellent service even though Rustic Table was slammed during brunch on Sunday. There’s no way anyone can look at these pictures and not get hungry. Please & thanks!

Rustic Table
10683 Ocean Highway
Pawleys Island, SC 29585