Working Out to Fit Into Chef Pants

What is up with having to go to the gym to fit into chef pants? Sure, I could have bought externship chef pants a few sizes larger, but that behavior is accepting post-cancer pound packing in which I will have no part. In exactly 14 days I will begin my externship after having postponed it for surgery. Please pause to feel sad if you feel it is the right thing to do.

The new externship will require wearing chef pants, obviously. No one likes to feel fat while wearing chef pants. Besides, these pants have an elastic waistband, so come on. An elastic waistband is like being thrown a bone. What more could a student need?

I joined Crossfit yesterday, which should make everyone laugh out loud while rolling on the floor. I wouldn’t blame anyone writing some kind of LOL comment at the bottom of this page. Crossfit people scare me more than enthusiastic gym people. This is not your average workout place.

For only $100, plus $8 tax, Crossfit people have decided to maybe accept me as one of their own. They may turn the other way for a moment when my  aluminum free Tom’s deodorant stops working, but we will all eventually become facebook friends for sure.

Tomorrow is the day. Since my before body picture might be offensive to certain internet people, I have decided to keep this particular picture of above average sadness in a secret computer file. In the end, when Crossfit has led the way to ultimate fitness, maybe this dream shattering before picture shall be shown. Remember ladies, get rid of your ovaries because they are silent killers. Also, if you can’t pronounce food ingredients– DO NOT EAT IT.

Have a nice day and please pay attention to my sad workout journal until I can easily fit into my chef pants.