In case internet people are wondering, the brand new Truluck’s is not messing around. Last month was my birthday, so we went out several times to celebrate this day of being born. Our first pre-birthday dinner was at Truluck’s and it was a night that probably excited everyone. The first moment of going-out-joy was seeing a pretend Beyonce singing while we waited in the bar. Her hair was swinging and she had all the moves a pretend Beyonce might have. My friends quickly demanded I stop iPhone videoing her because it looked really weird. Besides being creepy, no one else was taking bar entertainment video at Truluck’s that night.

Pretend you want to see the birthday designs on our table. Please feel happy about this moment while knowing everything is about everything except my birthday. I am only mentioning birthday tables, etc… for everyone else’s pleasure. That’s all.

There will probably be a cake at the end of this page, but this is sincerely all about you– not me. If it hurts your feelings that it isn’t your birthday yet, then please try to perk up. Everyone has a birthday one time each year. All internet people reading this are going to have the same joy I had last month. We are all one in our potential for birthday happiness, especially since cancer cells spent an entire year trying to kill me.

The new Truluck’s is classy. Fancy people were all over the place. It’s like being at Capital Grille with business people during lunch. I could also tell that every single person felt as cool as the vibe of coolness filling the room. It was like they were all hip for being at the brand new Truluck’s in Uptown. Our table guests are cool no matter where they eat.

First things first. Everyone knows I’m always looking out for poor people and, just so you know, poor people will have a hard time calling Truluck’s home. Unless you order meatballs, your appetizer is going to cost around $14 – $72. The higher prices are for seafood platters, so. Truluck’s is definitely going to fall into the “special occasion” category for poor people. On the up and up, special occasion people will have much more food-fun at Truluck’s instead of III Forks.

Consider us poor, special occasion diners during our time at Truluck’s. Since it was my birthday, ordering Dungeness crab seemed like the right thing to do. I would never spend that much money on Dungeness if the day was just regular. The delivery frightened me because I’m used to eating at non-classy seafood places that don’t deliver Dungeness with the shell on top. Legs are just fine. No one needs to make the crab pretty by placing the face, in my opinion.

Please consider choosing Truluck’s as your special occasion destination. It’s the right thing to do.

2401 McKinney
Dallas, TX 75201

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