BoBo China is the Bomb

bobo china

BoBo China is like a Dallas legend in the category of Chinese restaurant greatness. Really. BoBo China has no reason to care if anyone new knows they exist. The people growing up around Dallas already know and that’s all the business they really need.

People on Yelp whining about BoBo China probably force BoBo China to roll around on the kitchen floor laughing above average loud, while not getting dirty because the kitchen floor is completely clean. Why is Yelp so annoying?


“The quality of the meat was yucky.”

“Taste like a BoBo… well, more like an airport Panda Express, but do not go out of your way for this place.”

“Your ordinary Chinese food. Made me wonder what was going on in the kitchen. Dark, dingy, and dirty is the best way to describe this place.”

Really? I mean, seriously? Who writes words to form negative sentences about BoBo China? Anyone who doesn’t like BoBo China should be placed in a dresser drawer with 300 fortune cookies for 26 days as punishment for disrespecting the great BoBo China this way. These people probably don’t like the pretzel at Bowl & Barrel either. People who don’t like BoBo China bewilder all parts of my brain. Great service with huge portions of delicious Chinese food. What more do the scariest of all scary customers want? Should BoBo’s servers do a cartwheel into a split during entrée delivery? Would this help Yelp feel appreciative of all that is BoBo China? Turn that frown upside down.










We eat at BoBo China at least three times each month. That number jumped to two or three times a week while I had cancer last year. BoBo China had the power to make chemo and radiation sadness disappear, if only for a moment. The to-go employee never gets angry when I ask to exclude a few ingredients from the shrimp lo mein.

Most of the time I order the shrimp with lobster sauce, minus shoots, which makes my heart hurt with joy. The best news is they will give you rice as many times as the bowl becomes empty. The women working are always super sweet, smiling all the time while never making mistakes— ever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with BoBo China.






FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch
BoBo China
10630 Church Road
Dallas, TX 75238






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