Bowl & Barrel = Pretzel Joy

pretzelalmostveggiescomFor some reason there are people living in Dallas who have not tried the pretzel at Bowl & Barrel. Why would anyone not try the pretzel at Bowl & Barrel? Even though I previously attempted to convince all of this city’s citizens to eat this $5 menu item of complete and total pretzel joy, I’m positive not everyone has done so.

I decided to do my important culinary school homework at Bowl & Barrel last week. All of the sudden, the bar was filled with people filming Local Fare. A full-blown TV show investigation erupted as soon as the manager said eating in the bar would not be possible.

Twitter quickly confirmed that none other than Kyle Noonan is the host of this show about residents who “serve up their favorite local restaurants.” This is almost as exciting as the $5 pretzel at Bowl & Barrel.

Maybe things have been busy around here because I just recently found out Kyle Noonan is one of the owners of the Rustic. This means he is somehow, in some way, responsible for one of the best deviled eggs offered in the city of Dallas. No one can say Kyle Noonan isn’t smart. He’s a host with the most, as well as the king of pretzels and deviled eggs. Anyone who says anything less than sunshine and rainbows about Kyle Noonan is not very nice. After all he’s done, this is one restaurant owner who deserves to be happy.


Bowl & Barrel
8084 Park Lane #145
Dallas, TX 75231
(214) 363-2695

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