Please, Raise the Roof: I’m Close to Beating Cancer

People everywhere should raise the roof. I’ve actually raised the roof for much less, which makes raising the cancer-free roof even more important. I haven’t been writing all that much because having cancer sucks. You don’t really wake up and think: Oh wow, I think I’ll write today. It’s more like, um, today I’m going to watch The Bold & the Beautiful to see if Rick is still cheating on Caroline. It has been really weird caring so much about their relationship.

January 6th is the very last chemo scheduled. My doctor at Baylor is going to tell me technology has successfully killed the cancer cells that have been trying to kill me. After having surgery to remove almost every single lady part, internal and external radiation, chemo, then two different kinds of other chemo– I’m going to live. Go figure.

Needless to say, my priorities have changed. Writing about food is really not as important as it felt before cancer. Who really cares anyway? I do, that’s who. Just not at the massively spastic above average level that I used to. Life is so precious. Family is so important. Friends are a special gift as well. I know 2015 is going to be the bomb. There is nothing more exciting than saying goodbye to 2014.

P.S. Ladies, please remove your ovaries if you are finished having babies. Do not leave your ovaries hanging around because your ovaries are not your friend. Ovaries are like a death wish living inside your body silently waiting to kill you with cancer. True story. Harsh, but so true. Get rid of the ovaries, people.

One thought on “Please, Raise the Roof: I’m Close to Beating Cancer

  1. so very glad to here you are beating cancer. Well Done! Hope everything is super great. I have starting sous vide cooking. Kinda fun. Best of luck in 2015

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