Chemotherapy Can Be Sassy

All I’m saying is chemo can be sassy. There’s really only one thing a cancer person needs and that’s a fancy suitcase. Everyone decided to worry about my successfully filled suitcase the first time I had chemo. Actually, there were only two people performing this behavior. My thoughtful husband was confused with thoughts of over-packing, as well as the chemo nurse because she asked if I’d be camping out. We did bring a cooler as well. Is this really a sin against all chemo appointment arrivals?

Imagine having a magical suitcase by your side as you enter doors to have poison purposely placed inside your body to battle cells determined to kill at any cost. Just imagine for 14 seconds that you have brought a cooler filled with cooler joy. It’s not that hard to get past loading in lots of stuff for four to five hours of torture. To me, it all makes sense. Officially being a cancer person makes me right about everything.

Things in My Suitcase & Cooler:

1. Bose

2. Carmex (because the doctor said so)

3. Lemon Drops

4. Eye Mask & Fluffy Green Blanket

5. Oyster Crackers

6. Jell-O

7. Fig Newtons

8. Fast Pen

9. Pillow

10. Sweet Pea Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Gel

11. Journal
12. iPad
13. iPhone
14. Chargers
15. iTunes: thunderstorms at beaches & jungles
16. Family Picture
17. Chilly Water
18. Fruit Snacks
19. Do not be bored with my list.
20. Socks
21. Ponytail Holder (because I still have hair)

Imagine going to chemo with only an iPad. Start crying right now at the thought of this level of non-suitcase sadness. After a short discussion with my husband, who will love me even more when I’m bald, we decided to suitcase-cooler consolidate. Everything is working out now.

Cancer people without a suitcase or cooler may still raise the infusion room roof. Baylor cares about cancer people who do not bring a suitcase or cooler. They provide all of the following for everyone’s enjoyment.

One thought on “Chemotherapy Can Be Sassy

  1. I hope you get back on your feet really quickly, hang in there!
    My thoughts are with you and your family.

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