My important friend living in Houston is a talented food writer who just so happened to invite me to a taping of his radio show, Delicious Mischief, at none other than Komali. Lots of food was placed on the table to taste before the radio interview began. The two very important people sitting at the table were executive chef Julio Peraza, as well as bar manager Leann Berry. While owner Abraham Salum was not present, he is also considered important.

Chef Peraza arrived with a vision to bring the Mayan and Aztec cultures together while having fun using many different techniques. Chef Peraza has worked at many impressive restaurants and has a fine dining background.

Leann Berry is not your average bartender. We tasted two different drinks that were definitely not boring. Berry’s plan has always been to elevate the basic margarita using different ingredients. She takes tequila to the level it should be taken. She explained her take on the margarita and it is something everyone needs to know.

Check out the radio show—> here.

Check out the food & drinks —> below.

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Komali Contemporary Mexican Cuisine
4152 Cole Ave
Dallas TX 75204
(214) 252-0200





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