Almost Veggies Instagram is Being Ignored By Internet People

Not everyone is paying attention to the best Instagram on Instagram– Almost Veggies. What is up with that? There are practically 2,000 pictures of total food excitement waiting for the world to see. As if food’s not enough, there are life pictures of my family for super duper snoopers to enjoy.

If life-snooping is your thing, then raise the roof. Family things like my two Chihuahuas walking around the yard or my husband’s dog, Gracie, tearing up a toy for no reason. It’s all there for the taking. The Almost Veggies Instagram being ignored is a catastrophe to Instagram accounts everywhere. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

Some semi-lazy Instagram people with only 14 pictures have more followers. It’s just not right. All I’m saying is Almost Veggies has the world’s best Instagram account, minus maybe one or two random accounts here and there. That’s all.

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