Tanoshii Ramen + Bar

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar began serving lunch this past week. Being located a few doors down from Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum easily makes the sun shine brighter each day. Park on the street or pay the parking lot guy. Do not be a rule breaker in Deep Ellum. No one in Deep Ellum likes this.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that everyone in existence loves even more than the cheddar fries at Snuffer’s. The only ramen I’ve ever experienced is the poor-college-student ramen from the nearest grocery store. Please do not tell anyone. For others living life confused about ramen, Tanoshii has a special page just for you. Tanoshii’s ramen noodles are housemade, which means they must be better than regular ramen noodles.

The owners, Joey and Lan Chi Le, are a husband and wife team who also own Miss Chi Vietnamese and Wicked Po-Boys. Le recently said, “Ramen is truly an art. The ramen chef and the one eating the bowl of ramen are the artists as every bowl is made differently and every bowl is eaten in each person’s own special way. It is said that no two bowls of ramen are alike, which is all the more reason to eat as many as possible. Ramen is simple yet incredibly diverse. One thing that unites all backgrounds is the love of good food. To enjoy ramen is to appreciate the Japanese culture and the history of this wonderful bowl of noodles, broth and toppings.”

A hostess is usually super annoying. I’m practically a hostess expert since I was fired for not performing hostess duties– like being nauseously nice. Tanoshii’s hostess is the real deal. She didn’t smile the entire time she was talking. She smiled, talked, and then smiled again. This should be a part of all hostess job descriptions. She probably suggests customers come back in a regular way as they are leaving. She doesn’t need to have a begging tantrum, insisting customers drive safely either. She probably recommends they wear a seatbelt in a non-spastic way as well. All I’m saying is the hostess at Tanoshii might be the least annoying hostess in Dallas.

People without friends, please rejoice. You do not need to total a two-top to have fun at Tanoshii. I sat at the bar during lunch to work on my production schedule for school. The bartender, in charge of all food happiness, just so happens to be a piano teacher. This guy has a heart of gold. He said, “Kids don’t have to be rich to play the piano.” Sniffle. He spends his time helping less fortunate kids understand anything is possible. Please ask this bartender to tell you a story. In the end, you will either laugh or cry. The only thing hurting my feelings about Tanoshii is sharing a bathroom with boys. That’s gross.

Other nice people include a slew of Le Cordon Bleu employees. Tanoshii’s manager is even a graduate. There’s no way anyone doesn’t like having lunch at Tanoshii, minus Yelp people. They probably hate having lunch at Tanoshii because Yelp people hate almost everything. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

There’s no way to have an expert ramen opinion at this point in my culinary life. As a human, I can say it was sent from chef heaven, without having the ability to tell anyone why. Sorry, not sorry. I mixed the last part of the noodles with a side of miso grilled corn, which forced noises of food pleasure to happen by accident. As a first timer, it is fair to say this ramen was well above average exciting. It reached levels of ramen greatness higher than a first timer without ramen knowledge might have. Liking the ramen is only the beginning of the many things there are to like while lunching at Tanoshii.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch




Tuesday 5pm-10pm

Wednesday 5pm-10pm

Thursday 5pm-10pm

Friday 5pm-3am

Saturday 5pm-3am

Closed Sunday & Monday

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