Nick & Sam’s at LOOK Cinemas

Quickly receiving Nick & Sam’s brunch closure is necessary to secure a happy article ending. Here’s the deal: Nick & Sam’s at LOOK Cinemas has no business offering brunch that includes a useless scary table sitting in the corner of a back room. This is not working out for any bruncher attempting to successfully brunch. This table is against every rule Nick & Sam’s should have securely in place. This table tells each eater the kitchen is worrying about something other than brunch happiness. The bowl of Caesar was as sad as saying goodbye. Please, end this brunch massacre– fast.

Sure, there was one other mini-area with French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits with gravy, and yada. Do you think anyone can get past the first brunch table fail? No. No one can move on. Destroy this table. Make it go away forever. Winter is among us. Produce chopped table wood for fire to roast marshmallows. And those four chairs had no other place to go than behind the unimportant pretend brunch table? Really?

Fact: No other Nick & Sam’s brunch would settle for such sadness. Plain & simple.

After receiving my husband’s opinion on whether or not to talk about the dried up crusty mystery green on my buffet brunch line plate, um, I had to disagree. While he feels it is not necessary to mention, maybe someone needs to get rid of brunch altogether or figure out a way to manage a dried up miniature mystery green living on a plate. Who flips their plate to investigate? Me, that’s who. Others might walk around for two minutes, decide to take a seat, eat, and yada. These innocent brunchers live life never knowing crusty old whatever was attached to their temporary plate property. Tears are practically squeaking out. We must move on to the MOVIES.

Besides restaurant service, Nick & Sam’s will provide food for movie people. Most commoners have never experienced watching movies in a fancy place. My movie seat growing up was usually covered in butter or someone’s gum was stuck beneath the seat or my feet. These same seats barely moved back and forth, causing a sad seat-tease to occur. Let us quickly mention a tall person always blocking any chance of screen joy. Please do not forget about being forced to leave with sticky feet. All commoners know having sticky feet in the movie-hood was the norm. And what about dirty cloth-covered seats? Do you think rich people have time for movie seats not being leather?menu

After years of attending movies in the most basic way, Studio Movie Grill came along thinking they were solving this catastrophic high society movie cinema situation. Not so much. After a full blown movie-environment investigation, it has been proven rich people need a movie building where eating more than Goobers and greasy pizza is an option. The owner of Nick & Sam’s was probably so sick of sticky feet and cloth seats he had no choice but to open a restaurant inside LOOK Cinemas.

Effort to save rich people in Dallas had to be made. Wait– Aren’t most rich Dallas people pretending to be rich Dallas people that are really poor people wearing pretend rich people’s clothes? Right? Building a building adequate for rich people’s movie viewing and food standards is always the right thing to do. Rich people have feelings also– cough, we are speaking of the authentic rich people still. Please tag along.

Commoners having not experienced LOOK Cinemas are missing out. Yes, you will be a broke joke upon leaving, but it is worth living without electricity for a few days. Being able to pick and purchase seats before leaving home lessens all questionable seat pressure. It’s like the opera. You practically own the seat, so sweat isn’t necessary. The lusciously leather seats at LOOK Cinemas are gentle giants aching for the leg rest button to be pushed. These chairs are an award-winning explosion of seat comfort.

The button really bringing forth joy is the flashing service button. An employee will appear with an iPad— ready to get busy. Nick & Sam’s movie menu lights up. Everyone likes this. We decided to get really fancy and order a bottle of wine one time. Yes, they bring a wine bucket to class things up, even though Leslie Brenner did not mention this glorious cold wine option being available. Also, please do not worry about popcorn butter only being placed on top. These guys are extra ready and willing to perform a butter pamper— bottom/middle/top. True story.

Our movie app began with a shrimp roll. It was really weird accidentally eating the shrimp tail, which hurt my feelings in an above average way. While eating a fried shrimp tail is not on any bucket list, blaming Nick & Sam’s for being grossed out really isn’t fair. Nick & Sam’s is a wonderful place to dine if you are not poor. I’ve spent many days doing my homework having an appetizer. Poor people can always have an app anywhere. The service is outstanding in the restaurant, as well as the movies. It is all expensive, which should surprise no one. The only thing I’d recommend is never having brunch at the Nick & Sam’s at LOOK Cinemas. That’s all. Everything else will work out.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Nick and Sam’s Grill
5411 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254
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