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almostveggiescombonebld2-300x400 Take a moment to reminisce about the first Bone Daddy’s review written a couple of years ago. Comment section guys were foaming at the mouth, angrily commenting like raccoons with rabies. These scary comment section guys did not like the content included in the previous review. Such dislike caused these particular guys to make comments suggesting I’m an old, fat, ugly stripper with clear high heels– maybe the heels weren’t clear– I can’t remember.

The guys possessed by demons in the comment section went completely ballistic because— ready—- wait for it—- I did not believe our server at Bone Daddy’s real name was Blossom. What do these guys do during rush hour if they flip out over a person questioning the validity of a name? Give a little credit before criticism. You walk into a manly man’s world restaurant where a server’s required uniform is consistent with what a lady of the night might wear. Your server walks over to announce her name is— Blossom. Under the circumstances, the odds were not in her birth-name favor.

Blossom seemed like a fake name, in my opinion. And in case the comment trolls have forgotten, it is my right as a citizen of the United States of America to have a name-opinion during lunch. There could have been servers named anything else and maybe, just maybe, it would have been believable. Blossom as the name of our Bone Daddy’s server didn’t seem realistic.

After what seemed like 46 male comment trolls trolling deep beneath the Bone Daddy’s review, Blossom later chimed in. Blossom is positive Blossom is her name and explained the girls at Bone Daddy’s are not strippers, which means they do not have stage names. Point taken with a slight curtsy included. I’ve never forgotten about Blossom and all we’ve been through, which meant dinner at Bone Daddy’s last week was extra special. Our party of twenty-something was seated upstairs, with Blossom nowhere in sight. I asked our server if Blossom was still working at Bone Daddy’s and she said none other than– yes. Just when it seemed like an apology in progress, she said Blossom worked during lunch and had left for the day. Some day the opportunity to personally express sorrow for the heinous name injustice I caused during lunch will happen. Blossom will probably forgive me.

It was really weird when my husband told me there was no bacon in the queso at Bone Daddy’s. There were appetizers all over the place for everyone to share. He volunteered this no-bacon information. How did a piece of bacon appear on the side of the queso bowl when there’s no bacon in the queso? He’s never been wrong in his life. The one time he’s finally wrong has to be about bacon? After a full-blown bacon investigation, the queso at Bone Daddy’s does include— bacon. He must have secretly wanted me to eat bacon because the menu clearly states this app is a smoked bacon and roasted pepper queso. This means I ate bacon at Bone Daddy’s last week, which hurts every feeling having the ability to hurt.

The two girls waiting on our party upstairs were never in the weeds. One girl was wearing glasses with her official Bone Daddy’s uniform. She was like some kind of librarian, which was quickly approved by the male population at our table. The service was excellent the entire time we were there. Everyone made pleasant food faces during dinner, which must mean the food at Bone Daddy’s was a win for each and every meat-eater.

The girls at Bone Daddy’s are not bimbos. People need not assume being pretty means dumb. Wearing a skimpy work uniform does mean a person’s name is not Blossom, OK? This mistake forced the blood pressure of countless men living in the comment section to explode. Since apologizing for not believing Blossom, these guys have not called me a slut since. Please & thanks. Apology is the best policy. Men and women should take a chance on Bone Daddy’s. While you’re there, request to sit in Blossom’s section. She’s an exceptional server with an exceptional name.


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Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke
8856 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75240
(214) 575-3050



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