Dallas Fish Market

ALMOSTVEGGIESCOMdallasfishmarketbuildingfinal-533x400 Dallas Fish Market is an expensive restaurant. Being a true advocate for the poor, it’s always a first priority to inform citizens as to whether a place is kind of affordable or off-the-chart unobtainable. For a restaurant to get away with hurting poor people’s feeling with high prices, there needs to be relevance. Questions have to be asked. Is our server going to massage my feet between apps and entree? Will wine be accompanied by a shirtless buff hottie feeding me grapes before and after every single sip? These are important questions Dallas Fish Market needs to answer. It’s the right thing to do.

My heart hurts a little each time a restaurant charges for a side. Why can’t every restaurant be sweet and include a little this or that on the entree plate? This never happened in the 80′s. Entrees came with a side in the good ole’ days. Now customers have to pay $10 for a side of mushrooms? This ups the entree price to almost $50, which hurts my husband’s feelings. During our visit, the place was dead. There were about three or four tables in the entire restaurant, along with one lonely man sitting in the bar on a Friday night. I’ve peeked inside a few times during downtown dining and it was dead– dead– dead– each and every time. After not researching one single thing about Dallas Fish Market, I have no idea what is going on. Maybe the owners are so rich they don’t care if customers come or go. Maybe they say meh to the whole profit part of the restaurant industry. Some restaurant owners can take a loss with a laugh before going golfing at Pebble Beach. It happens.

On the up and up, the service during dinner was terrific. A true trip to service paradise. We almost ordered the always exciting seafood tower until seeing it listed as market price. The only people not frightened of market price are those possessing a silver or black American Express card. These people never ask a server to reveal the secret of the mysterious market price. The only time I’m ordering anything market price is on my birthday. No thanks and have a nice day. As far as favorites go, the lobster bisque was poured over fried lobster wontons table-side, which equals an above average soup win every time.

For rich people in Dallas who have crowd anxiety, Dallas Fish Market is the place for you.

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Dallas Fish Market
1501 Main St, Dallas, TX ‎
(214) 744-3474 ‎




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