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saltandtimealmostveggiescomAUSTIN – After driving from Dallas to Austin for a super important Austin Food & Wine Festival press happy hour at LaV last Wednesday, I had six hours to waste waiting. Instead of going to Odd Duck for deviled eggs, I wound up getting lost on 6th Street. Please do not tell anyone.

Sometimes being lost on 6th Street can be a good thing. Salt & Time soon appeared on 7th, forcing memories of a couple of Austin food articles which promised eating at Salt & Time would not hurt my feelings. Stubborn vegetarians thinking there’s nothing to eat at Salt & Time are incorrect. Just because Salt & Time butchers animals front and center does not mean they have an attitude about those choosing to live life without bacon. The friendly bartender said they care about almost veggie people, as well as vegans. The same bartender let loose with more information informing that the owner of Salt & Time used to be vegan. A previous vegan owning a butcher shop should excite everyone in an above average way. He went on to say customers can expect to see a veggie sandwich listed as an option on the blackboard every single day.

Salt & Time’s butcher can be seen butchering animals through a gigantic glass window. One hog was hoof-hanging in the air– then two– then three. It’s possible to see the butcher butchering if that’s what makes your toes tingle. The three-hogs-hanging visual did not upset anyone having lunch, including me. Another worker busily removed layers of scary from some kind of carcass at the bar.

Since beets can be boring, a beet sandwich is the last thing I’d ever order on purpose. Since kale is wearing me out as well, it was really weird when I couldn’t stop eating the superbly special veggie sandwich that had both kale and beets involved. The garlic mayo-like spread was oozing all over the place, which meant using almost eight napkins. Usually bread is the enemy, but at Salt & Time bread is friendly. Beside this sandwich sat a potato salad scoop of round glory. Lunch at Salt & Time was like a farmer’s market fantasy. Vegetarians need not be afraid of butcher shop dining. Salt & Time proved that, once again, a massive meat establishment does not have to disappoint vegetarians.


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Salt & Time
1912 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78702

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