American Airlines Center: Executive Chef Mark Mabry’s New Texas-Inspired Menu

mac & cheese We were invited to meet with executive chef Mark Mabry in a fancy suite at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Out of all the food tasted, the pico de gallo mac & cheese made my heart heavy with happiness. I feel sorry for anyone that lives life without trying chef Mabry’s mac & cheese. I am not just saying this because we were eating this particular mac & cheese in a fancy suite. I could have been sitting inside a dirty dumpster while eating this mac & cheese and it would still be almost as great as the mac & cheese at Hibiscus.

After spending almost one hour tasting dishes from his new Texas-inspired menu, I am positive chef Mabry is really funny. That’s right. Sometimes chefs say things they think are funny during an interview. This means a courtesy-laugh-response must be given. Forcing a person to perform a courtesy-laugh-response causes undue laugh pressure. This hurts people’s feelings. While we sat around chatting, this chef was repeatedly funny without even trying. True story.

After stuffing our faces, chef Mabry took us on a tour of American Airlines Center. There are many different areas for eating while attending events at American Airlines Center. It seems like poor people do not have to stay in one boring area. Save a little here and there and you will be up in the Audi Club in no time. The view is perfect and there is also an open dining room filled with a complete bonanza buffet-style extravaganza. Please do not miss the dessert cart area where a guy is standing in front of at least twelve kinds of delicious cakes, pies, and yada. People purchasing the buffet can eat and eat and eat. It’s glorious.

Some Menu Items…

Grilled Kabobs
Served hot off the grill with flavor-packed Thai chili and spicy BBQ sauces, choose from three options – chicken, grilled beef or Italian sausage.

Shiner Bock Smoked Chicken
A half chicken marinated in Shiner Bock beer and then smoked to perfection, served with loaded mashed potatoes.

Texas Cheese Steak Sandwich
Topped with pepper jack cheese and grilled peppers and onions

Texas BBQ Bacon Burger
Topped with crisp applewood smoked bacon, jalapeno jack cheese, signature BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomatoes on a fresh-baked sesame seed bun

BBQ Chicken Smasher
Crispy BBQ chicken tenders, tossed with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, sharp cheddar cheese and fresh scallions, smashed and served between two slices of Texas toast

Dr. Pepper BBQ Beef Sandwich
Smoked chopped brisket simmered in Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, served on a fresh hoagie bun with fried onions and creamy coleslaw

Dr. Pepper Float
Velvety vanilla bean ice cream blended with ice cold Dr. Pepper

American Airlines Center ‎
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

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