It’s common knowledge some Houston people feel the culinary scene here in the northern part of I-45 is less than stellar. After looking on my super secret separate Houston Almost Veggies twitter account, it was shocking to see Houston people panting over possibly eating at chef Matt McCallister’s new restaurant FT33. Not knowing much about anything in Dallas, this information instantly became relevant.

FT33 is out of my food ingredient league. No one around here is trying to act like a professional forager with forest food knowledge seeping through even one veggie vein. Chef Randy Rucker and Matt McCallister are destined to be BFF’s. This BFF does not stand for the always basic boring— Best Friends Forever. This particular BFF represents— Best Foraging Friends, without forever being necessary. If these guys went into business everyone would be forced to hang up their chef coat and call it a career.

Starting with the definition of FT33 seemed like a good idea. I know, it’s amazing and all, but after analyzing my worth— I received a press release. In this particular press release, given to only the most important writers in the country, just so happened to be a reason for this restaurant’s name.

Chefs are too busy to explain things. Sometimes it makes sense to simply yell a couple of words and move on. Chefs yelling “fire table” are letting other chef coats know to get ready for the next course. The “33” part of the name is the number of the chef’s table. This is obviously an important number having every right to be in the title of this restaurant.

It’s imperative to discuss the restroom right away. People that do drugs should not dine at FT33 because there is a chance you will need to use the restroom during dinner. Advice to drug users: Do not drop acid and walk into this restroom or you will not make it out alive. Having never placed acid on my tongue, this is strictly an acid reaction opinion. The crazy paint going on in this room will take an LSD’er downtown. Prepare to feel artistic as the door opens. My iPhone camera became a paint brush as I left with some kind of euphoric painting pip in my step.

FT33 delivers seasonal modern American cuisine featuring food from the FT33 garden. This guy might have a garden, but he has to be some kind of forager. Do not doubt this information, for it must be fact.

lamb brodo, white fungus, licorice, serrano, cilantro chile, asian pear
gruyere & allium custard, granola, pecans, leeks

trio of scallops, cauliflower, piquillo pepper, grapes

chicken, peanuts, preserved peach, chanterelle
lemongrass, citrus, mint, white chocolate

Sit back and watch the chefs work their magic in the kitchen. McCallister is on a different culinary level than many chefs. This kind of cheffing doesn’t always make everyone happy. People that only go to dinner on Valentine’s Day might be confused, but the real deal diners have the ability to appreciate his vision. Chef Matt McCallister and his team truly make FT33 a have-to-have in Dallas.

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FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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3 thoughts on “FT33

  1. The meal looks amazing. I can’t wait to get over there and give McAllister’s creations a try.

    One interesting thing to me is how it seems around the country, there is a giant movement away from ultra high brow dining experiences like these. Yet with FT33 and Oak, it seems that Dallas is yearning for it. Maybe we’re behind? Not sure. Interesting discussion though.

  2. Hi! I haven’t been to Oak yet. It’s up there on the list. We are going to Stampede 66 next week. Excited about that.

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